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Integrative body-mind-spirit approach to enhance women's well-being
Integrative body-mind-spirit social work: an empirically based approach to assessment and treatment
Oxford University Press
Ng, SM; Tsui, EYL2009230
Compassion for the disadvantaged in modern society: Promoting empathy and social responsibility among the advantaged youth.Lo, PHY; Chan, HY; Tsui, EYL; Chan, CLW2009183
Survey of mental disorders in patients of Chinese medicine specialist clinic
2nd International Academic Congress of TCM Psychology
Ng, SM; Tsui, EYL2008127
A clinical trial of acupuncture for chronic fatigue syndrome
Hong Kong Chinese Medical Magazine
Yiu, YM; Ng, SM; Tsui, EYL; Chan, YL2008199
The seasonal effect of acupuncture in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome
World Mental Health Congress
Yiu, YM; Tsui, EYL; Ng, SM2007134
Application of Chinese Yangsheng and Chinese Medicine into Empowerment of Older Adults in Care.
Certificate Course in “Weight Control: The Elderly in-Control of Their Health”. Pok Oi Hospital. 29th May, 2007, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong. May.
Chan, CLW; Tsui, EYL; Ng, SM2007227
Validation of the LEIT Scale for persons with learning difficulties
Life experience and interaction training - a resource manual
Fu Hong Society.
Ng, SM; Lo, PHY; Tsui, EYL; Pan, J2007171
Acupuncture and chronic fatigue syndrome: A Randomized controlled trial
World Mental Health Congress
Ng, SM; Tsui, EYL; Yiu, YM2007229
Co-occurrence of irritable bowel symptoms and chronic fatigue syndrome: Prevalence in Hong Kong
World Mental Health Congress
Tsui, EYL; Ng, SM; Yiu, YM2007166
The Body-Mind-Spirit Model: An interventional approach to enhance wellbeing of Chinese women.
The 5th International Conference of Social Work in Health and Mental Health, 10th -14th December.
Tsui, EYL; Ng, SM; Chan, CLW; Lo, PHY2006143
The stagnation construct in Chinese medicine: Operationalization and differentiation with depression
5th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health, Hong Kong
Ng, SM; Lo, HYP; Tsui, EYL2006133
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