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Beyond Knowledge and Skills: Self-Competence in Working With Death, Dying, and Bereavement
Death Studies
Chan, WCH; Tin, AF201259
為生命喝采: 善終、善別及善生的自助旅程
Chan, CLW; Chan, CHY; Tin, AF; Chan, WCH2010240
From anxiety to appreciation: Journey in cultivating competence of social workers in working with dying and bereaved persons.
The 11th Joint Social Work Education Conference with the 3rd UK Social Work Research Conference, 8-10 July.
Chow, AYM; Tin, AF; Cheung, GYK; Chan, CLW; Chan, WCH2009131
Project ENABLE: enabling competent workers in supporting bereaved persons
International Conference on Social Work & Counselling Practice 2009
Chow, AYM; Tin, AF; Cheung Pau, GYK; Chan, CLW; Chan, WCH200931
四川大地震 - 社區生死教育資料(三) - 走過哀傷Chan, CHY; Tin, AF2008156
ENABLE Project: The 8A Death Acceptance and Empowerment Model. Presentation in the Global Mourning – Death Among and Beyond Ourselves.
ADEC 30th Annual Conference. Montreal, Canada, 1st – 3rd May.
Chan, CLW; Tin, AF; Chan, C.H.Y; Chow, AYM; Chan, T.W.F; Ng, SM; Leung, PPY; Chan, WCH; Ho, AHY2008121
Promoting positive coping of death: A review of life and death education in Hong Kong and the role of University.
1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Healthy Universities. Hong Kong, 8-10 March.
Tin, AF; Chan, HY; Tang, A.C.W; Ng, SM; Chan, CLW; Ho, AHY2007151
The Science and Art of Holistic Care.
The Symposium on Caring Heart and Serving Soul, 120th Anniversary of the Alice Nethersole Hospital, 3rd October, 2007, Hospital Authority. October.
Chan, CLW; Tin, AF; Chan, C.H.Y; Chan, T.Y.F; Ng, SM; Chow, AYM200798
Get SET & Go - Surviving, Empowering and Transforming Goals in Spousal End-of-Life Care, Death and Bereavement
State of the Art Lecture in the Hong Kong International Cancer Congress, Hong Kong, 14-17 November
Chan, CLW; Pon, AKL; Leung, PPY; Chan, WCH; Tin, AF; Chow, AYM; Chan, TYF; Ng, SM; Ho, AHY; Leung, AWY2007122
Perception of Death Across the Adult Lifespan: A Close Examination of the Death Attitude Profile Among the General Hong Kong Population.
ENABLE International Symposium on Death, Dying and Bereavement, The University of Hong Kong, July 11th, 2007. July.
Ho, AHY; Ng, SM; Chow, AYM; Chan, C.H.Y; Tang, A.C.W; Tin, AF; Yan, E.C.W; Chan, CLW2007177
Death preparation and anxiety: A survey in Hong Kong
Omega: Journal of Death and Dying
Baywood Publishing Co, Inc. The Journal's web site is located at
Chan, THY; Chan, FMY; Tin, AF; Chow, AYM; Chan, CLW2007399
Caring for Carers: Spiritual Transformation from Grief to Celebration of Life.
The “Nurturing Partnership in Hospice Care” the 7th APHC (Asian Pacific Hospice Conference) organized by the Asian and Pacific Hospice Network, 26th to 29th September, 2006, Manila, Philippines. September.
Chan, CLW; Chan, T.Y.F; Tin, AF; Pon, KL; Leung, PPY; Chan, W.K.H; Chan, F; Chow, AYM2006122
The experience of Chinese bereaved persons: A preliminary study of meaning making and continuing bonds
Death Studies
Routledge. The Journal's web site is located at
Chan, CLW; Chow, AYM; Ho, SMY; Tsui, YKY; Tin, AF; Koo, BWK; Koo, EWK2005257
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