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Beyond Knowledge and Skills: Self-Competence in Working With Death, Dying, and BereavementChan, WCH; Tin, AF201224
為生命喝采: 善終、善別及善生的自助旅程Chan, CLW; Chan, CHY; Tin, AF; Chan, WCH2010162
From anxiety to appreciation: Journey in cultivating competence of social workers in working with dying and bereaved persons.Chow, AYM; Tin, AF; Cheung, GYK; Chan, CLW; Chan, WCH2009105
四川大地震 - 社區生死教育資料(三) - 走過哀傷Chan, CHY; Tin, AF2008130
ENABLE Project: The 8A Death Acceptance and Empowerment Model. Presentation in the Global Mourning – Death Among and Beyond Ourselves.Chan, CLW; Tin, AF; Chan, C.H.Y; Chow, AYM; Chan, T.W.F; Ng, SM; Leung, PPY; Chan, WCH; Ho, AHY200893
Promoting positive coping of death: A review of life and death education in Hong Kong and the role of University.Tin, AF; Chan, HY; Tang, A.C.W; Ng, SM; Chan, CLW; Ho, AHY2007130
The Science and Art of Holistic Care.Chan, CLW; Tin, AF; Chan, C.H.Y; Chan, T.Y.F; Ng, SM; Chow, AYM200772
Get SET & Go - Surviving, Empowering and Transforming Goals in Spousal End-of-Life Care, Death and BereavementChan, CLW; Pon, AKL; Leung, PPY; Chan, WCH; Tin, AF; Chow, AYM; Chan, TYF; Ng, SM; Ho, AHY; Leung, AWY200797
Perception of Death Across the Adult Lifespan: A Close Examination of the Death Attitude Profile Among the General Hong Kong Population.Ho, AHY; Ng, SM; Chow, AYM; Chan, C.H.Y; Tang, A.C.W; Tin, AF; Yan, E.C.W; Chan, CLW2007153
Death preparation and anxiety: A survey in Hong KongChan, THY; Chan, FMY; Tin, AF; Chow, AYM; Chan, CLW2007347
Caring for Carers: Spiritual Transformation from Grief to Celebration of Life.Chan, CLW; Chan, T.Y.F; Tin, AF; Pon, KL; Leung, PPY; Chan, W.K.H; Chan, F; Chow, AYM200695
The experience of Chinese bereaved persons: A preliminary study of meaning making and continuing bondsChan, CLW; Chow, AYM; Ho, SMY; Tsui, YKY; Tin, AF; Koo, BWK; Koo, EWK2005181
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