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Development and validation of the acculturative hassles scale for chinese students (AHSCS): An example of mainland chinese university students in Hong KongPan, JY; Yue, X; Chan, CLW2010225
Meaning of life as a protective factor of positive affect in acculturation: A resilience framework and a cross-cultural comparisonPan, JY; Wong, DFK; Chan, CLW; Joubert, L2008155
The protective function of meaning of life on life satisfaction among Chinese students in Australia and Hong Kong: a cross-cultural comparative study.Pan, JY; Wong, DF; Joubert, L; Chan, CL2008148
Acculturative stressor and meaning of life as predictors of negative affect in acculturation: A cross-cultural comparative study between Chinese international students in Australia and Hong KongPan, JY; Wong, DFK; Joubert, L; Chan, CLW2007142
Resilience: A new research area in positive psychologyPan, JY; Chan, CLW2007195
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