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The Stories of Life: A Self-Help JourneyChan, CLW; Ho, AHY; Tam, MYJ; Ng, OKP; Lam, YY201133
Searching for Spiritual Peace: A Case Example of Life Integration and Relationship Reconciliation in the End-of-LifeTse, PMY; Leung, PPY; Ng, OKP; Leung Ngai, JMY; Fong, HC; Lo, RSK; Chan, CLW201189
Integrative Eastern Body-mind-spirit healing - arts and science of acceptance and transformation of pain and sufferingChan, CLW; Leung, PPY; Ng, OKP; Wong, PY; Leung, KT201088
川越 : 灾后心理自助手冊Ng, OKP200965
彩繪人生 : 提昇生命的七種素質Leung, KT; Ng, OKP; Wong, PY200977
精神復康支援: 照顧者身心靈健康概念與實務方針Chan, CLW; Wong, PY; Ng, OKP; Chan, TH2009216
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