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Pali Commentarial Literature: aid for translationEndo, T201243
PāramitāEndo, T2012101
Personality traits and social behaviors predict the psychological adjustment of Chinese people with epilepsyMa, TMK; Hou, WK; Hung, A; Lee, TMC2010143
Popularization of Stories and Parables on Filial Piety in ChinaGuang, X2010105
The practice of 'Giving' (dana) and 'Sharing' (samvibhaga) as a means for harmonious co-existence among men in societyEndo, T200860
Preparation for enlightenment: understanding derived from listening, reflection and meditation--a study of theśrutamayī, cintāmayī and bhāvanāmayī bhūmayaḥ of theyogācārabhūmiśāstraSee, Mui-yian.; 施梅燕.2010515
A probe into the origin of other power in salvationGuang, X2004104
The Problem of the Buddha’s Short LifespanGuang, X; 廣興2002262
The Questions of Lesser and Minor RulesGuang, X201079
The Questions of Lesser and Minor RulesGuang, X201078
Rational argumentation in early buddhismGuang, X201196
Re-examine the Diamond Sūtra and Sacred Book CultureTsui, C201317
Reading Buddhist Sanskrit Texts: An Elementary Grammatical GuideDhammajoti, KL2012343
Reflections on technology: a Buddhist perspectiveGuang, X201242
Reflexive Awareness: A Theravada-Andhaka DebateYao, Z20054
The role of adhimokṣa in Meditation: The Sarvāstivāda TraditionDhammajoti, KL2010129
The Sacred Writing by Central Asian Buddhist monks in China (3-5 C)Tsui, C201227
Saṃghabhadra, a great Kaśmīrian MasterDhammajoti, KL201275
Sarvastivada Abhidharma (3rd revised and enlarged edition )Dhammajoti, KL2007156
Sarvastivada Abhidharma (Second Edition)Dhammajoti, KL200499
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