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Gross National Happiness: a path towards the true welfare of human society2011242
Harmony in Society Begins from the MindJing, Y200677
The Historical Buddha: A Psychological AnalysisGuang, X201051
How do religion and family work together to provide individuals with stability, value, identity, and purpose?Jing, Y200870
How Early Buddhism Understands the Mind-Body RelationshipKarunadasa, Y201220
How Religion and Government Influence Each Other in ChinaJing, Y200874
How to appreciate diversity and similarity of religionsJing, Y200988
Huileng's South Chan -- Returning to the essence of the Buddha's teaching for the second time in the development of Buddhist thoughtJing, Y200176
The Human Characters of the BuddhaGuang, X2006111
Human mentality and the environmentJing, Y201090
Humanist Buddhism and transcending the worldGuang, X200949
Humanist Buddhism and transcending the worldGuang, X2009109
Humanistic Buddhism and the idea of “Transcending the world”Guang, X2008104
The Humor of the BuddhaGuang, X201333
Imperial Taste of the Northern Liang CalligraphyTsui, C201221
Indic influence on Chinese LanguageGuang, X201422
Intellectual Exchange between Buddhism and Chinese CultureGuang, X201347
IntroductionDhammajoti, KL200883
An Introduction to the Nagasena Bhiksu SutraGuang, X2008139
The introductory sections of the Pali commentaries: translations based on the old comentaries or new additions by the commentators?Endo, T200863
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