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Access to Computers in Schools: Are Tablet PCs the Way Forward?Pearson, J2006419
An analysis of the participation of an online educational discussion forum - the study of Hong Kong Cyber Campus ForumKi, WW; Chan, CH; Lam, HC2000316
An application of social network analysis to knowledge buildingSha, L; van Aalst, Jan2003346
Building Educational Partnerships through Virtual ITKnutzen, KB; Orris, DJ2006328
Changing schools through exploring innovative pedagogical practices using ICTsFox, RMK; Ip, PS2004163
Changing Teaching, Changing Times: Integrating ICT into Hong Kong SchoolsFox, RMK2002138
Collaborative Academic Writing Online in a Second LanguageFox, RMK2002103
Collaborative knowledge construction and workplace researchFox, RMK2002106
Computer Supported Collaborative Physics Learning: Developing Understanding of Image Formation by LensesTao, PK2000569
Developing epistemological pluralism through a web-based post-graduate science and mathematics education courseFox, RMK; Herrmann, A; Taylor, P200082
Digital Culture and Educational ChangeFox, RMK200365
Digital culture and educational practiceFox, RMK200269
Digital technology and schools: Hong Kong experiences during the SARS epidemicFox, RMK200480
Distance and Open Learning students' access to the InternetBoyd, A; Fox, RMK; Herrmann, A2000127
E-learning: a new wave of innovative practices or just a new distribution system?Fox, RMK200474
Effective E-Learning: Perspective of Adult Learners in Hong KongLee, PWR; Dooley, LS; Chan, FT2006732
English Vocabulary: tests and tasksMonica, H2000260
Enhancing Spoken Vocabulary Performance in Children with Autism in a Multimedia-supported ContextLau, FK; Yuen, AHK; Lian, JMG2006341
Entering the mainstream: transforming teaching through technology in universities?Fox, RMK200567
Factors Influencing the Impact of ICT-use on Students' LearningLaw, NWY; Lee, MW; Chan, KMA; Yuen, HK200898
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