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A law unto themselves: the Chinese government has acknowledged that corruption in the judiciary is a serious problemZhang, XC1998438
A profession reborn: the enactment of the PRCs new lawyers law is a major step forward in the restoration of the Chinese legal professionZhang, XC1996219
Abolishing by-elections to fill vacancies in the legislative councilChau, P; Young, SNM2012175
The Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong: Intestates' Estates OrdinanceSherrin, CH2003250
ASEAN states, their reservations to human rights treaties and the proposed ASEAN commission on women and childrenLinton, S2008173
Basic Law And Constitutional Review: The First DecadeChan, J2007612
Basic Law, Basic Politics: The Constitutional Game of Hong KongTai, BYT2007449
Building inclusive and just societies: the role of deliberative theory and substantive equalityParyani, KP2010108
Chapter 2: Representative Office and Employment FormalitiesZhang, XC199698
Chinese policies in Tibet: should India remain concerned?Davis, MC2011136
Civil Rights Framework or Demarcation of Rights? Democracy, Reasonableness, and the Cracks on the Brazilian InternetThompson, M2012113
A Comparative Study on Related Party Transactions: Hong Kong’s Enactments and PracticeZhang, XC2012127
Comparators in marital status discrimination: General or specifi c?Chan, J2010232
Compensation For Miscarriage Of JusticeChan, JMM201338
The concept of 'Datong' in Chinese philosophy as an expression of the idea of the Common GoodChen, AHY2011316
Criminal Defence in China: The Possible Impact of the 1996 Criminal Procedural Law ReformFu, HL1998243
A Critical Review of Progresses and Challenges of Cross-Border Judicial Assistance in Civil and Commercial Matters between Mainland China and the Hong Kong SAR since 1997Zhang, XC2011153
A Decade of Self-Incrimination in the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionYoung, SNM2007523
The Democracy of FLOSS: Software Procurement Under the Democratic PrincipleThompson, M200897
Enforcing an Arbitration Agreement tainted by Bribery: Cautions and ControversiesChan, FWH; Liang, Z.2009172
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