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Nonmigratory online deadline scheduling on multiprocessorsChan, HOL; Lam, TW; KarKeung, TO2005267
On adaptive decision rules and decision parameter adaptation for automatic speech recognitionLee, CH; Huo, Q2000356
On the space requirement of interval routingTse, SSH; Lau, FCM1999278
On-line adaptation of the SCHMM parameters based on the segmental quasi-bayes learning for speech recognitionHuo, Q; Chan, C; Lee, CH1996244
On-line adaptive learning of the continuous density hidden Markov model based on approximate recursive Bayes estimateHuo, Q; Lee, CH1997242
On-line adaptive learning of the correlated continuous density hidden Markov models for speech recognitionHuo, Q; Lee, CH1998201
Online adaptive learning of continuous-density hidden Markov models based on multiple-stream prior evolution and posterior poolingHuo, Q; Ma, B2001276
An optimal algorithm for global termination detection in shared-memory asynchronous multiprocessor systemsLeung, HF; Ting, HF1997198
Optimal layouts of midimew networksLau, FCM; Chen, G1996588
Optimal simulation of full binary trees on faulty hypercubesChan, Bethany MY; Chin, Francis YL; Poon, ChungKeung1995560
Real-time fundamental frequency estimation by least-square fittingChoi, AKO1997250
Reconstruction of sculpture from its profiles with unknown camera positionsWong, KYK; Cipolla, R2004545
Robust speech recognition based on a Bayesian prediction approachJiang, H; Hirose, K; Huo, Q1999238
Scheduling soft real-time jobs over dual non-real-time serversKao, B; GarciaMolina, H1996275
Slot index spatial joinMamoulis, N; Papadias, D2003403
Symmetric extension methods for M-channel linear-phase perfect-reconstruction filter banksChen, Li; Nguyen, Truong Q; Chan, KwokPing1995223
Tighter layouts of the cube-connected cyclesChen, G; Lau, FCM2000200
Tradeoff between energy and throughput for online deadline schedulingChan, HL; Lam, TW; Li, R2011139
User-Centric Content Negotiation for Effective Adaptation Service in Mobile ComputingLum, WY; Lau, FCM2003345
A web services choreography scenario for interoperating bioinformatics applicationsde Knikker, R; Guo, Y; Li, JL; Kwan, AKH; Yip, KY; Cheung, DW; Cheung, KH2004400
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