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Gene mapping of familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosisFong, GCY; Cheng, TS; Ho, PWL; Chan, ATC; Mak, W; Cheung, CM; Mok, CC; Chan, KH; Tsang, KL; Kung, MHW; Li, LSW; Tsoi, TH; Ramsden, DB; Cheung, RTF; Ho, SL2003267
HARP: A practical projected clustering algorithmYip, KY; Cheung, DW; Ng, MK2004384
High-performance computing for visionWang, CL; Bhat, PB; Präs Anna, VK1996272
An innovative approach to tackling the boundary effect in adaptive random testingChen, TY; Tse, TH; Huang, DH; Yang, Z2007208
Iterative projected clustering by subspace miningYiu, ML; Mamoulis, N2005541
Learning templates from fuzzy examples in structural pattern recognitionChan, KwokPing1994249
Maintaining temporal consistency of discrete objects in soft real-time database systemsKao, B; Lam, KY; Adelberg, B; Cheng, R; Lee, T2003282
A minimax search algorithm for robust continuous speech recognitionJiang, H; Hirose, K; Huo, Q2000291
The mutated subsequence problem and locating conserved genesChan, HL; Lam, TW; Sung, WK; Wong, PWH; Yiu, SM; Fan, X2005261
Nonmigratory online deadline scheduling on multiprocessorsChan, HOL; Lam, TW; KarKeung, TO2005267
On adaptive decision rules and decision parameter adaptation for automatic speech recognitionLee, CH; Huo, Q2000356
On the space requirement of interval routingTse, SSH; Lau, FCM1999278
On-line adaptation of the SCHMM parameters based on the segmental quasi-bayes learning for speech recognitionHuo, Q; Chan, C; Lee, CH1996244
On-line adaptive learning of the continuous density hidden Markov model based on approximate recursive Bayes estimateHuo, Q; Lee, CH1997243
On-line adaptive learning of the correlated continuous density hidden Markov models for speech recognitionHuo, Q; Lee, CH1998202
Online adaptive learning of continuous-density hidden Markov models based on multiple-stream prior evolution and posterior poolingHuo, Q; Ma, B2001276
An optimal algorithm for global termination detection in shared-memory asynchronous multiprocessor systemsLeung, HF; Ting, HF1997198
Optimal layouts of midimew networksLau, FCM; Chen, G1996591
Optimal simulation of full binary trees on faulty hypercubesChan, Bethany MY; Chin, Francis YL; Poon, ChungKeung1995561
Real-time fundamental frequency estimation by least-square fittingChoi, AKO1997250
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