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Aggregate nearest neighbor queries in road networksYiu, ML; Mamoulis, N; Papadias, D2005575
Anchor point indexing in web document retrievalKao, B; Lee, J; Ng, CY; Cheung, D2000445
Automatic construction of online catalog topologiesSung, WK; Yang, D; Yiu, SM; Cheung, DW; Ho, WS; Lam, TW2002370
Bayesian adaptive learning of the parameters of hidden Markov model for speech recognitionHuo, Q; Chan, C; Lee, CH1995399
A Bayesian predictive classification approach to robust speech recognitionHuo, Q; Lee, CH2000297
Camera calibration from surfaces of revolutionWong, KYK; Mendonça, PRS; Cipolla, R2003311
Cavity matchings, label compressions, and unrooted evolutionary treesKao, MY; Lam, TW; Sung, WK; Ting, HF2000303
A choice relation framework for supporting category-partition test case generationChen, TY; Poon, PL; Tse, TH2003293
Cleaning uncertain data with quality guaranteesCheng, CK; Chen, J; Xie, X2008174
Comments on "a new family of Cayley graph interconnection networks of constant degree four"Chen, G; Lau, FCM1997988
Deadline assignment in a distributed soft real-time systemKao, Ben; GarciaMolina, Hector1993293
Decision trees for uncertain dataTsang, S; Kao, B; Yip, KY; Ho, WS; Lee, SD2009189
A decomposition theorem for maximum weight bipartite matchingsKao, MY; Lam, TW; Sung, WK; Ting, HF2001343
Designing SSI clusters with hierarchical checkpointing and single I/O spaceHwang, K; Jin, H; Chow, E; Wang, CL; Xu, Z1999755
A discrete contextual stochastic model for the off-line recognition of handwritten Chinese charactersXiong, Y; Huo, Q; Chan, C2001240
Effect of data skewness and workload balance in parallel data miningCheung, DW; Lee, SD; Xiao, Y2002237
An efficient algorithm for optimizing whole genome alignment with noiseWong, PWH; Lam, TW; Lu, N; Ting, HF; Yiu, SM2004256
An Efficient and Scalable Algorithm for Clustering XML Documents by StructureLian, W; Cheung, DWL; Mamoulis, N; Yiu, SM2004682
An efficient cost model for optimization of nearest neighbor search in low and medium dimensional spacesTao, Y; Zhang, J; Papadias, D; Mamoulis, N2004537
Efficient fault-tolerant routing in multihop optical WDM networksShen, H; Chin, F; Pan, Y1999392
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