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Carbamylation of LDL and its relationship with myeloperoxidase in type 2 diabetes mellitusShiu, SWM; Xiao, S; Wong, Y; Chow, WS; Lam, KSL; Tan, KCB201417
A case study: refining clinical research infrastructureGoh, PP; Ong, LM; Loh, CS; Lim, TO; Karlberg, JPE; Yau, H2010118
The challenges the industry is facing in finding the required number necessary to progress the entire industry pipelineKarlberg, JPE2008115
The changing fashion of breast cancer therapeutics: Analysis of the clinical trial databaseKwok, SL; Tsang, JWH; Karlberg, JPE2009109
Characteristics of 'True' Global Sponsored Clinical TrialsKarlberg, JPE200891
Circulating miR-15b and miR-130b in serum as potential markers for detecting hepatocellular carcinoma: A retrospective cohort studyLiu, AM; Yao, TJ; Wang, W; Wong, KF; Lee, NP; Fan, ST; Poon, RTP; Gao, C; Luk, JM2012231
Claudin-10 expression level is associated with recurrence of primary hepatocellular carcinomaCheung, ST; Leung, KL; Ip, YC; Chen, X; Fong, DY; Ng, IO; Fan, ST; So, S2005128
Clinical features of 46 eyes with calcified hydrogel intraocular lensesYu, AKF; Kwan, KYW; Chan, DHY; Fong, DYT200198
Clinical research accreditationKarlberg, JPE200975
Clinical research motivationKarlberg, JPE201079
Clinical research organization infrastructureKarlberg, JPE; Yau, HKC2010126
Clinical research practiceKarlberg, JPE; Tsang, K; Lui, WF1998216
Clinical Trial Registration is 'Higgledy-Piggledy'Karlberg, JPE; Yau, KC200877
Clinical Trial Subject Characteristics - Ages and GenderKarlberg, JPE200977
The Clinical Trials Centre at The University of Hong Kong: A Modern Academic Organization in AsiaKarlberg, JPE; Yau, KC; Fong, DYT; Huang, J; Tam, SYM; Yan, YSM; Thorburn, J; Wong, SWS2003134
Clinical Trials for Medical Devices in Hong KongKarlberg, JPE200376
Clinical Trials in PaediatricsKarlberg, JPE200364
Clinical Trials in PaediatricsKarlberg, JPE200761
Clinical Trials in Ukraine - Pros and ConsMr. Iryna, TESLENKO; Mr. Belotserkovsky, MAXIM; Ms Tatiana, EFIMTSEVA2011441
Clinical trials overseen by US FDAKarlberg, JPE2010142
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