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Changes in construals of tic-producing situations following cognitive and behavioral therapyO'Connor, KP; Gareau, D; Blowers, GH1993341
Chen Li: China's elder psychologist.Blowers, GH1998377
Combining functional and linkage disequilibrium information in the selection of tag SNPsSham, PC; Ao, SI; Kwan, JSH; Kao, P; Cheung, F; Fong, PY; Ng, MK2007325
Construing contexts: Problems and prospects of George Kelly's Personal Construct Psychology and its alternativesBlowers, GH; O'Connor, Kieron P1995490
Continuing professional development in school psychology. Perspective from Hong KongLam, SF; Yuen, M2004236
Differential emphases on modernity and Confucian values in social categorization: The case of Hong Kong adolescents in political transitionLam, SF; Lau, IYM; Chiu, CY; Hong, YY; Peng, SQ1999273
Educators' opinions on classroom observation as a practice of staff development and appraisalLam, SF2001256
The effect of pre-operative information in relieving anxiety in oral surgery patientsNg, SKS; Chau, AWL; Leung, WK2004262
The effects of regulatory focus on teachers' classroom management strategies and emotional consequencesLeung, CM; Lam, SF2003251
The international school psychology survey: Data from Australia, China, Germany, Italy and RussiaJimerson, SR; Graydon, K; Yuen, M; Lam, SF; Thurm, JM; Klueva, N; Coyne, JH; Loprete, LJ; Phillips, J2006362
Lay personality knowledge and dispositionist thinking: A knowledge-activation frameworkPoon, CSK; Koehler, DJ2006236
Learning from others: Japan's role in bringing psychology to ChinaBlowers, G2000292
Managing intergroup attitudes among Hong Kong adolescents: Effects of social category inclusiveness and time pressureLam, SF; Chiu, CY; Lau, IYM; Chan, WM; Yim, PS2006271
Psychometric properties of the Chinese Self-Directed Search (1994 edition)Yang, W; Lance, CE; Hui, HC2006394
Qualitative study of Chinese widows in Hong Kong: Insights for psycho-social care in hospice settingsChow, AYM; Chan, CLW; Ho, SMY; Tse, DMW; Suen, MHP; Yuen, KFK2006299
Remembering Joseph Brozek (1913-2004): Brozek's China connectionBlowers, G2006312
"TO BE A BIG SHOT OR TO BE SHOT": Zing-Yang Kuo's Other CareerBlowers, GH2001816
Transforming school culture: Can true collaboration be initiated?Lam, SF; Yim, PS; Lam, TWH2002259
The validity of observational measures in detecting optimal maternal communication styles: Evidence from European Americans and LatinosNadeem, E; Romo, LF; Sigman, M; Lefkowitz, ES; Au, TK2007207
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