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A consideration of the contagion and emergent-norm theories: a case study of Lan Kwai FongCheng, Long-ping, Johnny.1994275
An examination of the potential for outburst of social insurgency in Hong Kong in the run-up to 1997Chan, Kai-hing, Eric.1995183
An exploration of the relationship between political legitimacy and control of corruption in Hong KongTse, Yuk-how.1999216
Chinese illegal immigrants: their effects on the social and public order in Hong KongWong, Chung-kwong, Caesar.1995217
Drug treatment in Hong Kong: a comparative study of residential drug treatment programmes in Hong KongLam, Wai-on.1999263
Flashpoints model as applied to the 1966 and 1967 riots in Hong KongLee, Hon-man.1994443
Impacts on the Hong Kong Police Force, from a British colony to a Special Administrative Region of ChinaSuen, Kwai-leung, Bill.1998281
In the last ten years in Hong Kong, there has been a lot of public concern about the images of young people. Have youth subcultures beenmanufactured as being 'victim' or being very 'deviant' because theyare seen as a potential threat to public order?Chan, Yuk-kwan.1997424
Mass media and police: a study on the image of gatekeeper contributing to police legitimacyFung, Kim-kum.1994561
Policing of Chinese illegal immigrants in Hong Kong: application of Cohen's labour-migration theoryKong, Yiu-man, Dickson.1994269
Punishment or welfare: a case study of a custodial institution for female young offenders : Tai Tam Gapcorrectional institutionYip, Moon-wing, George.1994252
Re-integration of offenders and protection of public order: a case study on the Hong Kong release undersupervision schemePoon, Wing-hong, Stanley.1995258
Reflections on riots in Hong Kong in the 1980s: a study in public disorderNg, Yeung-yin, Lawrence.1995207
Relationship between the mass media and public orderNg, Che-keung, Tony.1994350
The establishment of the Police Cadet School: a question of youth policy?Tsang, Lam-po, Ivan.1999297
The impact of the Basic Law to the future of Hong KongTang, Kwok-wah, Danny.1996228
The making of modern Malaysia's educational policy as a social engineering strategy designed to bring about an ideal Bangsa MalaysiaIp, Po-chu.1999233
The origins and developments of detention centre programme in Hong KongLaw, Yick-man.1996195
Victims of sexual offences in the criminal justice process with special references to the situation in Hong KongLee, Tak-yum, David.1994387
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