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A comparative study between positive psychological group intervention and cognitive-behavioral group therapy for patients with depressivedisorders in a Chinese populationYew, Wing-see, Carol.; 姚穎詩2008521
A Hong Kong evaluation of encounter group: comparison of participants' expectations and change under variedformatsTang, Hon-chung, Robert1979295
A phenomenological study of emotional experienceCheng, Ming-han, Teresa.1977427
A pilot study on the role of hope and optimism in adjustment to oral cavity cancerChan, Tsz-ting.; 陳紫婷.2010239
A psychometric investigation of somatic and emotional symptoms of children and adolescents in Hong Kong : the role of physiological hyperarousal in differentiating anxiety and depressionLeung, Wai-yee, Winnie; 梁慧儀20134
A study of pregnant women who have previously given birth to a handicapped or dead childHo, Dig-fan, Eric1985250
A study of the memory functioning in the infarct patients: the relationship between test performance, subjectivecomplaints and behavioural indicesFung, Shuk-man, Amy1987268
A validation study of the draw-a-person: screening procedure for emotional disturbance in Hong KongKwan, Sau-kuen, Priscilla1998450
Adjustment of adolescents in divorced/separated familiesCheung, Sim-Ling1996304
Adjustment of patients with burns on face and handsLim, Kwai-tat, Amanda1989359
Affective responses to a single bout of exercise among healthy older adultsLam, Sui-bik, Brenda.2000246
Ageing-related effect on emotion recognitionLau, Yuet-han, Jasmine; 劉月嫻2006388
An examination of psychosocial aspects of lung cancer patientsLee, Kin-pong, Joseph1981278
An examination of the job commitment for people with schizophrenia in supported employmentLui, Wai-sze.2002252
An exploration into psychogenic pain and depression: personality aspects: Shen Kai Ming.Shen, Kai-ming1981570
An exploration of some aspects of therapeutic work with childrenLi, Chin-keung1981260
An explorative longitudinal study of disordered eating attitudes and behaviors among pregnant women in Hong KongChu, Tsz-wai, Annie; 朱梓慧2004632
An exploratory study of flexibility of emotional expression, stress and psychological well-being of parents of ASD childrenYeung, Sin-ming.; 楊先鳴2006445
An exploratory study of psychological factors associated with substance abuse among adolescents in Hong KongYu Ngan, Shuk-yee, Veronica1994475
An exploratory study of the behavioural manifestations in a group of patients with binswanger's diseaseLee, Alice.1985260
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