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Antagonism of the hypnotic effect of midazolam in children: A randomized, double-blind study of placebo and flumazenil administered after midazolam-induced anaesthesiaJones, RDM; Lawson, AD; Andrew, LJ; Gunawardene, WMS; BaconShone, J199180
The application of ranking probability models to racetrack bettingLo, VSY; Bacon-Shone, JH; Busche, KD1995203
An approximation to ordering probabilities of multi-entry competitionsLo, VSY; Bacon-Shone, J1992409
Bayesian Analysis of 3-State DevicesBacon-Shone, JH198222
Bayesian analysis of errors-in-variables in binary regression modelsTang, PK; Bacon-Shone, J1992268
Bayesian estimation of finite subpopulation sizeBacon-Shone, JH1992105
Bayesian optimal designs for probit regression with errors-in-variablesTang, PK; Bacon-Shone, J1992290
Cognitive-behavioural group therapy for Hong Kong Chinese adults with mental health problemsLuk, SL; Kwan, CSF; Hui, JMC; BaconShone, J; Tsang, AKT; Leung, AC; Tang, KKM199193
A comparative study of computed tomographic and plain radiographic methods to measure vertebral rotation in adolescent idiopathic scoliosisHo, EKW; Upadhyay, SS; Ferris, L; Chan, FL; BaconShone, J; Hsu, LCS; Leong, JCY199280
A comparison between two models for predicting ordering probabilities in multi-entry competitionsLo, VSY; Bacon-Shone, J1992498
A comparison between two models for predicting ordering probabilities in multiple-entry competitionsLo, VSY; Bacon-Shone, JH1994141
A comparison of expiratory flow rates in two breathing circuits used for manual inflation of the lungsJones, AYM; Jones, RD; BaconShone, J199175
A comparison of three induction agents in paediatric anaesthesia - Cardiovascular effects and recoveryJones, RDM; Visram, AR; Chan, MMY; BaconShone, J; Mya, GH; Irwin, MG1994128
Convex linear combinations of compositionsAitchison, J; BaconShone, J199955
Development of public opinion surveysChung, RTY1996121
A developmental language screening scale for use in Hong KongLee, PWH; Luk, ESL; Yu, KK; Bacon-Shone, JH198532
The Developmental Language Screening Scale: a validation and normative studyLee, PWH; Luk, ESL; Bacon-Shone, JH; Lau, J; Wong, VCN; Ko, L199034
The diagnosis and prevalence of hyperactivity in Chinese schoolboysLeung, PWL; Luk, SL; Ho, TP; Taylor, E; Mak, FL; BaconShone, J1996168
Dietary behavior and knowledge of dental erosion among Chinese adultsChu, CH; Pang, KKL; Lo, ECM2010257
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