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Absence makes the mind grow sharper: Effects of element omission on subsequent recallSengupta, J; Gorn, GJ200266
Acceptance of Internet-based services: A comparison of three modelsLi, D; Chau, PYK2009396
Active trust development of local senior managers in international subsidiariesLi, JJ; Zhou, KZ; Lam, SSK; Tse, DK200675
Adaptation of international marketing strategy components, competitive advantage, and firm performance: A study of Hong Kong exportersAlbaum, G; Tse, DK2001757
Adjusting risky situations: A theoretical framework and empirical testWehrung, DA; Lee, KH; Tse, DK; Vertinsky, IB198952
Administrative innovation applied to systems adoptionDrury, DH; Farhoomand, A1996101
The adoption behaviour of information technology industry in increasing business-to-business integration sophisticationWang, WYC; Heng, MSH; Chau, PYK2010426
Adoption of electronic data interchange in small and medium-sized enterprisesChau, PYK; Jim, CCF2002116
Adoption of on-line trading of investors in the Hong Kong financial marketLau, A; Yen, J; Chau, PYK2001145
Adoption of telemedicine technology by health care organizations: An exploratory studyHu, PJH; Chau, PYK; Liu Sheng, OR2002581
ADTreesLogit model for customer churn predictionQi, J; Zhang, L; Liu, Y; Li, L; Zhou, Y; Shen, Y; Liang, L; Li, H2009105
Advertising, propaganda, and value change in economic development. The new cultural revolution in China and attitudes toward advertisingPollay, RW; Tse, DK; Wang, ZY1990101
Affective organizational commitment and citizenship behavior: Linear and non-linear moderating effects of organizational tenureNg, TWH; Feldman, DC2011240
Age and innovation-related behavior: The joint moderating effects of supervisor undermining and proactive personalityNg, TWH; Feldman, DC2013102
Agency and Self-Enforcing ContractsTao, Z; Zhu, T200081
An agency theory of transactions without contract enforcement: The case of ChinaTao, Z; Zhu, T2001145
Alternative origins to interorganizational trust: An interdependence perspective on the shadow of the past and the shadow of the futurePoppo, L; Zhou, KZ; Ryu, S2008255
Analysis of Evaluation Models for Web SitesYen, BP200587
Analysis of scale effects in peer-to-peer networksLi, YM; Tan, Y; Zhou, YP200889
An analysis of the economic consequences of the proportionate liability ruleChan, DK; Pae, S199869
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