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102T/C polymorphism of serotonin receptor type 2A gene is not associated with schizophrenia in either Chinese or British populationsHe, L; Li, T; Melville, C; Liu, S; Feng, GY; Gu, NF; Fox, H; Shaw, D; Breen, G; Liu, X; Sham, P; Brown, J; Collier, D; St Clair, D1999145
1q21-q22 locus is associated with susceptibility to the reality-distortion syndrome of schizophrenia spectrum disorders [2]Rosa, A; Fañanás, L; Cuesta, MJ; Peralta, V; Sham, P200248
5-HT(2A) receptor and bipolar affective disorder: Association studies in affected patientsArranz, MJ; Erdmann, J; Kirov, G; Rietschel, M; Sodhi, M; Albus, M; Ball, D; Maier, W; Davies, N; Franzek, E; Abusaad, I; Weigelt, B; Murray, R; ShimronAbarbanell, D; Kerwin, R; Propping, P; Sham, P; Nöthen, MM; Collier, DA199795
A cell surfaceome map for immunophenotyping and sorting pluripotent stem cellsGundry, RL; Riordon, DR; Tarasova, Y; Chuppa, S; Bhattacharya, S; Juhasz, O; Wiedemeier, O; Milanovich, S; Noto, FK; Tchernyshyov, I; Raginski, K; Bausch-Fluck, D; Tae, H-J; Marshall, S; Duncan, SA; Wollscheid, B; Wersto, RP; Rao, S; Van Eyk, JE; Boheler, KR201215
A distant upstream region of the rat multipartite Na+-Ca2+ exchanger NCX1 gene promoter is sufficient to confer cardiac-specific expressionKoban, MU; Brugh, SA; Riordon, DR; Dellow, KA; Yang, H-T; Tweedie, D; Boheler, KR200110
A novel role for proteomics in the discovery of cell-surface markers on stem cells: Scratching the surfaceGundry, RL; Boheler, KR; Van Eyk, JE; Wollscheid, B200810
A quantitative and validated SAGE transcriptome reference for adult mouse heartAnisimov, SV; Tarasov, KV; Stern, MD; Lakatta, EG; Boheler, KR200210
A small nonerythropoietic helix B surface peptide based upon erythropoietin structure is cardioprotective against ischemic myocardial damageAhmet, I; Tae, H-J; Juhaszova, M; Riordon, DR; Boheler, KR; Sollott, SJ; Brines, M; Cerami, A; Lakatta, EG; Talan, MI20118
Absence of CFTR is associated with pleiotropic effects on mucins in mouse gallbladder epithelial cellsKuver, R; Wong, T; Klinkspoor, JH; Lee, SP2006134
Accuracy and sensitivity of DNA pooling with microsatellite repeats using capillary electrophoresisBreen, G; Sham, P; Li, T; Shaw, D; Collier, DA; St Clair, D199957
The accuracy of intraoperative frozen section in the diagnosis of ovarian tumorsYeo, ELK; Yu, KM; Poddar, NC; Hui, PK; Tang, LCH199841
Acupuncture for frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles: A double-blind randomized controlled trialWing Sze So, E; Ng, EHY; Yeuk Wong, Y; Shu Biu Yeung, W; Chung Ho, P2010587
Acute infection of chinese macaques by a CCR5-tropic SHIV carrying a primary HIV-1 subtype B' envelopeWang, H; Zhuang, K; Liu, L; Tang, Z; Tang, J; Tien, P; Zhang, L; Chen, Z2010229
Acute pancreatitis in marrow transplant patients: Prevalence at autopsy and risk factor analysisKo, CW; Gooley, T; Schoch, HG; Myerson, D; Hackman, RC; Shulman, HM; Sale, GE; Lee, SP; Mcdonald, GB1997141
Adjusting for Covariates in Variance Components QTL Linkage AnalysisZeegers, M; Rijsdijk, F; Sham, P200451
Advanced pregnancy in the rudimentary horn of a bicornuate uterusLiang, ST; Woo, JSK; Tang, LCH; Wong, RLC198526
Aetiological factors in the genesis of pregnancy hydronephrosisAu, KKL; Woo, JSK; Tang, LCH; Liang, ST198520
Affected sibling pair linkage analysis of qualitative and quantitative traits for schizophrenia on chromosome 22 in a Chinese populationCai, G; Li, T; Deng, H; Zhao, J; Hu, X; Murray, RM; Liu, X; Sham, PC; Collier, DA200163
Age at onset, sex, and familial psychiatric morbidity in schizophrenia. Camberwell collaborative psychosis studySham, PC; Jones, P; Russell, A; Gilvarry, K; Bebbington, P; Lewis, S; Toone, B; Murray, R199460
Age-period-cohort analysis of the incidence of schizophrenia in ScotlandTakei, N; Lewis, G; Sham, PC; Murray, RM199661
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