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Accelerated formation of bone-like apatite on biodegradable polymer substratesChen, Y; Mak, AFT; Wang, M2005169
Applications of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles in animal studies - ReviewWu, EX; Tang, H; Jensen, JH2004119
Calculation of electrostatic forces and torques in MEMS using path-independent integralsHui, CY; Yeh, JLA; Tien, NC200075
Collapse of microchannels during anodic bonding: Theory and experimentsShin, WP; Hui, CY; Tien, NC2004120
A comprehensive study for the plasmonic thin-film solar cell with periodic structureSha, WEI; Choy, W C H; Chew, WC20101,064
Copper-encapsulated silicon micromachined structuresYeh, JLA; Jiang, H; Neves, HP; Tien, NC2000100
Cyclin A2 mediates cardiomyocyte mitosis in the postmitotic myocardiumChaudhry, HW; Dashoush, NH; Tang, H; Zhang, L; Wan, X; Wu, EX; Wolgemuth, DJ2004268
Deformation and crack development of a nailed loose fill slope subjected to water infiltrationZhou, YD; Cheuk, CY; Tham, LG2009201
Depletion corrections in variable temperature Hall measurementsLepkowski, TR; Dejule, RY; Tien, NC; Kim, MH; Stillman, GE198776
Design, fabrication and testing of a micro-Venturi tube for fluid manipulation in a microfluidic systemYu, H; Li, D; Roberts, RC; Xu, K; Tien, NC2012184
Design, fabrication, and testing of a microfabricated Corona IonizerChua, B; Wexler, AS; Tien, NC; Niemeier, DA; Holmen, BA2008100
Distributed H∞-consensus filtering in sensor networks with multiple missing measurements: The finite-horizon caseShen, B; Wang, Z; Hung, YS2010250
Effects of Polymer Molecular Weight and Ceramic Particle Size on Flexural Properties of Hydroxyapatite Reinforced PolyethyleneWang, M; Leung, LY; Lai, PK; Bonfield, W2004135
Electrical discharge across micrometer-scale gaps for planar MEMS structures in air at atmospheric pressureStrong, FW; Skinner, JL; Tien, NC200891
Electrical mobility separation of airborne particles using integrated microfabricated corona ionizer and separator electrodesChua, B; Wexler, AS; Tien, NC; Niemeier, DA; Holmen, BA200994
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study of the nucleation and growth of apatite on chemically treated pure titaniumWang, CX; Wang, M2002153
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study of the nucleation and growth of apatite on chemically treated titaniumWang, CX; Wang, M; Zhou, X2002154
Electrostatic model for an asymmetric combdriveYeh, JLA; Hui, CY; Tien, NC200080
Electrothermally actuated bi-directional linear vibromotorPai, M; Tien, NC1999134
An embedded bond-slip model for finite element modelling of soil-nail interactionZhou, YD; Cheuk, CY; Tham, LG2009250
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