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H-type tracheo-oesophageal fistula: appearance on three-dimensional computed tomography and virtual bronchoscopy (Case Report)Le, SDV; Lam, WWM; Tam, PKH; Cheng, W; Chan, FL2001108
Haem oxygenase-1 plays a central role in NNK-mediated lung carcinogenesisLi, M-Y; Yip, J; Hsin, MKY; Mok, TSK; Wu, Y; Underwood, MJ; Chen, GG200823
A haplotype map of the human genomeBelmont, JW; Boudreau, A; Leal, SM; Hardenbol, P; Pasternak, S; Wheeler, DA; Willis, TD; Yu, F; Yang, H; Gao, Y; Hu, H; Wang, Y; Wang, Y; Xiong, X; Xu, L; Waye, MMY; Tsui, SKW; Xue, H; Wong, JTF; Galver, LM; Barrett, J; Sodergren, E; Fan, JB; Murray, SS; Oliphant, AR; Chee, MS; Montpetit, A; Chagnon, F; Ferretti, V; Leboeuf, M; Olivier, JF; Phillips, MS; Weinstock, GM; Fry, B; Roumy, S; Sallée, C; Verner, A; Hudson, TJ; Frazer, KA; Ballinger, DG; Cox, DR; Hinds, DA; Stuve, LL; Yakub, I; Kwok, PY; Hu, W; Cai, D; Koboldt, DC; Miller, RD; Pawlikowska, L; TaillonMiller, P; Xiao, M; Tsui, LC; Mak, W; Gabriel, SB; Sham, PC; Song, YQ; Maller, J; Tam, PKH; Nakamura, Y; Kawaguchi, T; Kitamoto, T; Morizono, T; Nagashima, A; Ohnishi, Y; Onofrio, RC; Sekine, A; Tanaka, T; Deloukas, P; McCarroll, S; Bird, CP; Delgado, M; Dermitzakis, ET; Patterson, N; Pe'er, I; Purcell, S; Ziaugra, L; Richter, DJ; Sabeti, P; Saxena, R; Schaffner, SF; Varilly, P; Li, C; Stein, LD; Krishnan, L; Smith, AV; Thorisson, GA; Birren, BW; Chakravarti, A; Chen, PE; Cutler, DJ; Kashuk, CS; Lin, S; Abecasis, GR; Lin, W; Guan, W; Munro, HM; Qin, ZS; Daly, MJ; Thomas, DJ; McVean, G; Bottolo, L; Eyheramendy, S; Freeman, C; Marchini, J; Myers, S; Liu, S; Spencer, C; Stephens, M; Wilson, RK; Donnelly, P; Cardon, LR; Clarke, G; Evans, DM; Morris, AP; Weir, BS; Tsunoda, T; Mullikin, JC; Pan, H; Sherry, ST; Yu, J; Feolo, M; Zhang, H; Zeng, C; Zhao, H; Matsuda, I; Fukushima, Y; Macer, DR; Suda, E; Rotimi, CN; Tang, X; Gwilliam, R; Adebamowo, CA; Ajayi, I; Aniagwu, T; Marshall, PA; Nkwodimmah, C; Royal, CDM; Leppert, MF; Dixon, M; Peiffer, A; Qiu, R; Fulton, LL; Wang, J; Kent, A; Kato, K; Niikawa, N; Adewole, IF; Knoppers, BM; Foster, MW; Clayton, EW; Watkin, J; Gibbs, RA; Rogers, J; Muzny, D; Wang, W; Nazareth, L; Burton, J; Carter, NP; Clee, CM; Griffiths, M; Jones, MC; McLay, K; Plumb, RW; Ross, MT; Hunt, S; Zhang, B; Sims, SK; Willey, DL; Chen, Z; Han, H; Kang, L; Godbout, M; Wallenburg, JC; L'Archevêque, P; Bellemare, G; Morrison, J; Saeki, K; Zhang, Q; Wang, H; An, D; Fu, H; Li, Q; Wang, Z; Wang, R; Holden, AL; Brooks, LD; Powell, D; McEwen, JE; Bird, CR; Zhao, H; Guyer, MS; Nailer, PJ; Wang, VO; Peterson, JL; Shi, M; Spiegel, J; Sung, LM; Stranger, BE; Witonsky, J; Zacharia, LF; Collins, FS; Zhou, J; Kennedy, K; Jamieson, R; Stewart, J; Barry, R; Blumenstiel, B; Camargo, A; Whittaker, P; Defelice, M; Faggart, M; Goyette, M; Gupta, S; Moore, J; Nguyen, H; Parkin, M; Roy, J; Stahl, E; Winchester, E; Bentley, DR; Altshuler, D; Shen, Y; Yao, Z; Huang, W; Chu, X; He, Y; Jin, L; Liu, Y; Shen, Y; Sun, W; De Bakker, PIW; Wang, H20051,696
Has the introduction of endovascular treatment made elective repair of infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm safer?Chan, YC; Bucher, TA; Anjum, AI; Wood, CL; Taylor, PR200582
HCC 病人肝切除術 - 短期, 長期生存的決定因素Fan, ST1998154
HDPR1, a novel inhibitor of the WNT/β-catenin signaling, is frequently downregulated in hepatocellular carcinoma: Involvement of methylation-mediated gene silencingYau, TO; Chan, CY; Chan, KL; Lee, MF; Wong, CM; Fan, ST; Ng, IOL200596
A head and neck cancer patient dies! Why perform an autopsy: For the relatives, for the clinicians or for the pathologists?Bradley, PJ; Ferlito, A; Lowe, J; Devaney, KO; Wei, WI; Rinaldo, A200368
Healing between cartilage and bone ends. An experimental studyLam, KH; Lau, WF; Wei, WI198737
The healing effects of Centella extract and asiaticoside on acetic acid induced gastric ulcers in ratsCheng, CL; Guo, JS; Luk, J; Koo, MWL2004158
Healing of esophageal fistulas after surgical treatment for carcinoma of the esophagus and the upper part of the stomachFan, ST; Lau, WY; Yip, WC; Poon, GP; Yeung, C; Wong, KK198871
Healthcare provision and surgical training in under-provided countries in SE AsiaPatil, NG200869
Heat shock protein (65 kDa) – Stimulated proliferation of human saphenous vein smooth muscle cells is inhibited by thapsigarginShukla, N; Chan, YC; Stansby, G; Singh, M; Stanford, J; Jeremy, JY200263
Heat shock protein 65 increases arterial contractilityIngledew, NB; Berwanger, CS; Shukla, N; Chan, YC; Stanford, J; Mansfield, AO; Stansby, G199854
Heat shock proteins in cancer: Signaling pathways, tumor markers and molecular targets in liver malignancyLu, WJ; Lee, NP; Fatima, S; Luk, JM2009152
Hedgehog signaling in human hepatocellular carcinomaPatil, MA; Zhang, J; Ho, C; Cheung, ST; Fan, ST; Chen, X2006109
Helicobacter pylori and gastric cancerChu, KM; Branicki, FJ199784
Helicobacter pylori and gastric cancerChu, KM199755
Helicobacter pylori in Meckel's diverticulum with heterotopic gastric mucosa in a population with relatively high H. pylori prevalence rateChan, GSW; Yuen, ST; Chu, KM; Ho, JWC; Leung, SY; Ho, JC1999120
Helicobacter pylori infection and duodenal ulcer perforationNg, KKC; Chu, KM200187
Helicobacter pylori infection in cirrhotic patients with peptic ulcer diseaseLam, CK; Kwok, KF; Chu, KM200382
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