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Abdominal actinomycosisLee, YM; Law, WL; Chu, KW200149
Abdominal aortic aneurysm in Chinese patientsWei, WI; Siu, KF; Wong, J198568
Abdominal aortic aneurysm in Hong Kong: Audit from a teaching hospital (1975-1995)Cheng, SWK; Ting, ACW; Wong, J1998106
Abdominal aortic aneurysms in Hong KongCheng, SWK; Wong, J1994106
Abdominal aortic infection by a group C streptococcus (s zooepidemicus)Wong, J; Chau, PY; Wei, WI; Ong, GB1982105
Abdominal cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pseudocyst presented with inferior vena caval obstruction and hydronephrosisLeung, GKK2010141
Abdominal compartment syndrome after open biopsy in a child with bilateral Wilms' tumourChung, PHY; Wong, KKY; Lan, LCL; Tam, PKH2009258
Abdominal complications from crack cocaineChan, YC; Camprodon, RAM; Kane, PA; ScottCoombes, DM200493
Abdominal Drainage after Hepatic Resection Is Contraindicated in Patients with Chronic Liver DiseasesLiu, CL; Fan, ST; Lo, CM; Wong, Y; Ng, IOL; Lam, CM; Poon, RTP; Wong, J2004492
Abdominoperineal resection is associated with poor oncological outcomeLaw, WL; Chu, KW2004113
Abdominosacral resection for local recurrent rectal cancer: a prospective auditChoi, HK; Chu, KW; Law, WL200380
Aberrant Polo-like kinase 1-Cdc25A pathway in metastatic hepatocellular carcinomaXiao, QW; Yong, QZ; Lui, KS; Cai, Q; Lu, P; Poon, RT2008166
Aberrant promoter hypermethylation and silencing of the critical 3p21 tumour suppressor gene, RASSF1A, in Chinese oesophageal squamous cell carcinomaWong, MLY; Tao, Q; Fu, LI; Wong, KY; Qiu, GH; Law, FBF; Tin, PC; Cheung, WL; Lee, PY; Tang, JCO; Tsao, GSW; Lam, KY; Law, S; Wong, J; Srivastava, G2006156
Abnormal enteric ganglia development in Sox 10 mouse mutantLaw, ML; Tsang, WH; Ngan, ESW; Lui, VCH; Sham, MH2005120
Absent middle hepatic vein in a right liver graft donorFan, ST; Wong, Y200855
Academic medicine and its global impactPatil, NG200365
Accelerated progression of carotid stenosis in patients with previous external neck irradiationCheng, SWK; Ting, ACW; Ho, P; Wu, LLH200480
Acceleration of apoptosis in CD4+CD8+ thymocytes by rapamycin accompanied by increased CD4+CD25+ T cells in the peripheryTian, L; Lu, L; Yuan, Z; Lamb, JR; Tam, PKH2004167
The acceptance and feasibility of breast cancer screening in the EastKwong, A; Cheung, PSY; Wong, AYW; Hung, GTY; Lo, G; Tsao, M; Chan, EWK; Wong, T; Ma, M200845
Accuracy of BRCA1/2 mutation prediction models for different ethnicities and genders: Experience in a southern Chinese cohortKwong, A; Wong, CHN; Suen, DTK; Co, M; Kurian, AW; West, DW; Ford, JM2012171
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