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Results of living donor transplantation in Hong KongFan, ST200159
The results of multichannel cochlear implant in profoundly deaf Cantonese speaking patients: the Hong Kong experienceHui, Y; Wei, WI; Au, DKK; Wong, YK199768
Results of percutaneous transhepatic cholecystostomy for high surgical risk patients with acute cholecystitisChok, KSH; Chu, FSK; Cheung, TT; Lam, VWT; Yuen, WK; Ng, KKC; Chan, SC; Poon, RTP; Yeung, C; Lo, CM; Fan, ST20101,288
Results of surgical resection for hepatocellular carcinomaChoi, TK; Lai Edward, CS; Fan, ST; Mok Francis, PT; Wong, J199044
Results of surgical salvage for radiation failures of laryngeal carcinomaYuen, APW; Wei, WI; Ho, CM1995116
Results of surgical salvage of locoregional recurrence of carcinoma of the tongue after radiotherapy failureYuen, APW; Wei, WI; Lam, LK; Ho, WK; Kwong, D199786
Results of the Kirschner operationWong, J; Lam, KH; Wei, WI; Ong, GB198151
Resurgence of biliary cast syndromeChan, SC; Lo, CM; Liu, CL; Fan, ST200569
RET and NRG1 interplay in Hirschsprung diseaseGui, H; Tang, WKE; So, MT; Proitsi, P; Sham, PC; Tam, PKH; Ngan, ESW; Cherny, SS; Garcia-Barcelo, MM201353
RET mutational spectrum in Hirschsprung disease: Evaluation of 601 Chinese patientsSo, MT; LeonThomas, YY; Cheng, G; TangClara, SM; Miao, XP; Cornes, BK; Ngo, DN; Cui, L; NganElly, SW; LuiVincent, CH; Wu, XZ; Wang, B; Wang, H; Yuan, ZW; Huang, LM; Li, L; Xia, H; Zhu, D; Liu, J; Nguyen, TL; ChanIvy, HY; ChungPatrick, HY; Liu, XL; Zhang, R; WongKenneth, KY; Sham, PC; Cherny, SS; TamPaul, KH; GarciaBarcelo, MM2011225
Ret protein expression in human fetal rectumTam, PKH; Gould, SJ; Martuciello, G; Biddolph, S; Takahashi, M; Jasonni, V199678
Retracted: outcome and immune reconstitution of HBV-specific immunity in patients with reactivation of occult HBV infection after alemtuzumab-containing chemotherapy regimen.Hui, CK; Cheung, WW; Leung, KW; Cheng, VCC; Tang, BSF; Li, IWS; Luk, JM; Lee, NP; Kwong, YL; Au, WY; Yuen, KY; Lau, GK; Liang, R200885
Retrograde jejunojejunogastric intussusceptionWong, KH; Chu, KM200458
Retrohepatic vena cava deroofing in living donor liver transplantation for caudate hepatocellular carcinomaChan, SC; Sharr, WW; Cheung, TT; Chan, ACY; Tsang, SHY; Chok, KSH; Leung, KC; Lo, CM201328
Retroperitoneal extrarenal angiomyolipomaLaw, SYK; Fok, M; Shek, WH; Ma, LT; Wong, J199486
A retrospective study on risk factors associated with failed endoscopic treatment of biliary anastomotic stricture after right-lobe living donor liver transplantation with duct-to-duct anastomosisChok, KSH; Chan, SC; Cheung, TT; Sharr, WW; Chan, ACY; Fan, ST; Lo, CM201328
Reversal of protein-losing enteropathy by liver transplantation [10]Wong, WM; Hui, CK; Yuen, MF; Lai, CL; Ng, IOL; TrendellSmith, N; Ooi, GC; Fan, ST200356
Review article: Current management of metastatic colorectal cancer - The evolving impact of targeted drug therapiesYau, T; Chan, P; Ching Chan, Y; Wong, BCY; Liang, R; Epstein, RJ2008134
Review of experience over four decades in the management of carotid body tumoursLin, Y; Li, S; Poon, JTC; Hu, Z; Ye, C; Lu, W; Chen, G; Wang, S200487
A review of risk factors and timing for postoperative hematoma after thyroidectomy: is outpatient thyroidectomy really safe?Lang, BHH; Yih, PCL; Lo, CY2012104
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