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Reconstruction of circumferential pharyngeal defects after tumour resection: Reference or preferenceChan, YW; Ng, RWM; Lun Liu, LH; Chung, HP; Wei, WI2011232
Reconstruction of hypopharyngeal defects in cancer surgery: Do we have a choice?Lau, WF; Lam, KH; Wei, WI198740
Reconstructive surgery for burn patientsHo, CM; Lam, LK; Wei, WI1994200
Reconstructive surgery: today and tomorrowWei, WI1994109
Rectourethral fistula after radical prostatectomy: Transperineal repair in jack-knife positionHo, B; Ho, KL; Tsu, JHL; Ng, RWM; Law, WL; Tam, PC2010147
Recurrence after rectal cancer operationChu, KW; Law, WL200053
Recurrence of hepatitis b-related hepatocellular carcinoma is associated with high viral load at the time of resectionHung, IFN; Poon, RTP; Lai, CL; Fung, J; Fan, ST; Yuen, MF2008256
Recurrence of hepatocellular cancer after liver transplantation: The role of primary resection and salvage transplantation in East and WestLai, Q; Avolio, AW; Lerut, J; Singh, G; Chan, SC; Berloco, PB; Tisone, G; Agnes, S; Chok, KS; Sharr, W; Rossi, M; Manzia, TM; Lo, CM2012124
Recurrence of laryngeal or hypopharyngeal primary tumor after radical neck dissection for postradiotherapy neck nodal metastasesHo, CM; Lam, KH; Wei, WI; Lam, LK; Yuen, PW1994114
Recurrent abdominal pain in paediatric patientsChan, KL; Mak, VWY; Ng, WM1999213
Recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma after salvage nasopharyngectomyChan, JYW; Wei, WI2012101
Recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Surgical salvage vs. additional chemoradiationWei, WI; Kwong, DLW2011101
Recurrent or persistent nasopharyngeal carcinoma following radiotherapy - diagnosis and salvage (How I do it)Wei, WI; Woolford, T200554
Red blood cell alloantibodies and liver transplantation in Chinese patientsAu, WY; Liu, CL; Lo, CM; Fan, ST; Lam, MF; Lam, CK200386
Red blood cell alloantibodies and liver transplantation in chinese patientsAu, WY; Liu, CL; Lo, CM; Fan, ST; Lam, MF; Lam, CK200353
Reduced CRYL1 expression in hepatocellular carcinoma confers cell growth advantages and correlates with adverse patient prognosisCheng, IK; Ching, AK; Chan, TC; Chan, AW; Wong, CK; Choy, KW; Man, K; Lai, PB; Wong, N2010371
Reduced expression of chemokine receptors on peripheral blood lymphocytes in patients with hepatocellular carcinomaLiu, Y; Poon, RT; Feng, X; Yu, WC; Luk, JM; Fan, ST200482
Reduced expression of RASSF1A in esophageal and nasopharyngeal carcinomas significantly correlates with tumor stageLo, PHY; Xie, D; Chan, KC; Xu, FP; Kuzmin, I; Lerman, MI; Law, S; Chua, D; Sham, J; Lung, ML2007110
Reduced RET expression in gut tissue of individuals carrying risk alleles of Hirschsprung's diseaseMiao, X; Leon, TYY; Ngan, ESW; So, MT; Yuan, ZW; Lui, VCH; Chen, Y; Wong, KKY; Tam, PKH; GarciaBarceló, M2010923
Reducing treatment decision conflict difficulties in breast cancer surgery: A randomized controlled trialLam, WWT; Chan, M; Or, A; Kwong, A; Suen, TKD; Fielding, R201337
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