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10% or 5% match window in DNA profilingFung, WK1996268
Abnormal expression or mutation of TP53 and HPV in vulvar cancerNgan, HYS; Cheung, ANY; Liu, SS; Yip, PSF; Tsao, SW1999188
Absolute ruin probabilities in a jump diffusion risk model with investmentGerber, HU; Yang, H2007261
Accelerating the quadratic lower-bound algorithm via optimizing the shrinkage parameterTian, GL; Tang, ML; Liu, C2012121
Adaptive design and estimation in randomized clinical trials with correlated observationsYin, G; Shen, Y2005104
An adaptive estimation of dimension reduction spaceXia, Y; Tong, H; Li, WK; Zhu, LX200274
Adaptive orthogonal series estimation in additive stochastic regression modelsGao, J; Tong, H; Wolff, R2002336
Additive hazards model with multivariate failure time dataYin, G; Cai, J2004102
The admixture linkage disequilibrium and genetic linkage inference on the gradual admixture populationGuo, W; Fung, WK2006209
Age sex, marital status and suicide: An empirical study of east and westYip, PSF1998165
Age, period, and cohort analysis of regular dental care behavior and edentulism: A marginal approachLi, KY; Wong, MCM; Lam, KF; Schwarz, E2011180
The akaike information criterion in threshold modelling: Some empirical evidencesLi, WK198868
Alcohol metabolism of local Chinese in Hong Kong: A statistical determination on the effects of various physiological factorsTam, TWM; Yang, CT; Fung, WK; Mok, VKK2006126
Alcohol study on blood concentration estimation: Reliability and applicability of Widmark formula on Chinese male populationYang, CT; Fung, WK; Tam, TWM2009189
Allele frequencies for nine STR loci in Beijing Chinese.Fung, WK; Ye, J; Hu, L; Zhao, X; Liu, B; Wong, DM; Law, MY2001140
Analysis for temporal gene expressions under multiple biological conditionsFang, HB; Deng, D; Tian, G; Shen, L; Duan, K; Song, J201215
Analysis of a generalized penalty function in a semi-Markovian risk modelCheung, ECK; Landriault, D2009177
Analysis of an insurance risk model with thinning dependence and common shockWan, LM; Yuen, KC; Li, WK2006144
Analysis of Clustered Grouped Survival Data with Time-varying Regression CoefficientsLam, KF; Tang, OY201326
Analysis of Duplicate Bridge Tournament DataYu, PLH; Lam, K1996174
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