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Water waves over a muddy bed: a two-layer stokes' boundary layer modelNg, CO200082
Wave induced oscillatory and steady flows in the annulus of a catheterized viscoelastic tubeMa, Y; Ng, CO; Chang, YY2010196
Wave propagation and induced steady streaming in viscous fluid contained in a prestressed viscoelastic tubeMa, Y; Ng, CO2009210
Wavenumber-extended high-order upwind-biased finite-difference schemes for convective scalar transportLi, Y199798
A web-based fuzzy mass customization systemChen, YH; Wang, YZ; Wong, MH2001176
Weighted H ∞ filtering of switched systems with time-varying delay: Average dwell time approachWu, L; Lam, J200972
Weighted H~v~'a5~~ filtering for switched hybrid systems with time-varying delay: An average dwell time approachWu, L; Lam, J2009101
Well-posedness and solution structure of dual-phase-lagging heat conductionWang, L; Xu, M; Zhou, X2001126
Well-posedness of dual-phase-lagging heat conduction equation: Higher dimensionsWang, L; Xu, M2002123
Wind conditions and ventilation in high-rise long street modelsHang, J; Li, Y; Sandberg, M; Claesson, L2010574
Wind conditions in idealized building clusters: Macroscopic simulations using a porous turbulence modelHang, J; Li, Y2010184
Wind energy development and its environmental impact: a reviewLeung, DYC; Yang, Y2012188
Windinduzierte Lfcftung in Gebe4uden mit groben d6ffnungenSeifert, J; Rfsler, M; Richter, W; Li, Y2004102
Working principles of solar and other energy conversion cellsLiu, F; Wang, W; Wang, L; Yang, G2012169
Worst-case fault detection observer design: Optimization approachWang, HB; Wang, JL; Lam, J2007100
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis of ion beam sputter deposited calcium phosphate coatingWang, CX; Chen, ZQ; Wang, M200180
Young's and shear moduli of ceramic particle filled polyethyleneWang, M; Berry, C; Braden, M; Bonfield, W199886
α-Dissipativity analysis of singular time-delay systemsFeng, Z; Lam, J; Gao, H2011113
ℋ ∞ model reduction for discrete time-delay systems: Delay-independent and dependent approachesGao, H; Lam, J; Wang, C; Xu, S200478
ℋ∞ and ℒ2/ℒ∞ model reduction for system input with sector nonlinearitiesLam, J; Gao, H; Xu, S; Wang, C200571
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