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A quadratic assumed natural strain triangular element for plate bending analysisSze, KY; Zhu, D1998110
Quadratic stability and stabilization of uncertain linear discrete-time systems with state delayXu, S; Lam, J; Yang, C200167
Quadratic triangular C0 plate bending elementSze, KY; Zhu, D; Chen, DP1997159
Quadric surface extraction using genetic algorithmsChen, YH; Liu, CY1999161
A qualitative and heuristic approach to the conceptual design of mechanismsLi, CL; Tan, ST; Chan, KW1996275
Quantitative characterization of acid concentration and temperature dependent self-ordering conditions of anodic porous aluminaCheng, C; Ng, KY; Ngan, AHW2011127
A quantitative link between microplastic instability and macroscopic deformation behaviors in metallic glassesWu, Y; Chen, GL; Hui, XD; Liu, CT; Lin, Y; Shang, XC; Lu, ZP2009277
Quantized patterning using nanoimprinted blanksChou, SY; Li, WD; Liang, X2009117
Quasi-least-squares finite element method for steady flow and heat transfer with system rotationYang, D; Wang, L200695
Rapid incoherent control of quantum systems based on continuous measurements and reference modelDong, D; Lam, J; Tarn, TJ2009164
Rapid melt crystallization of amorphous-silicon thin filmsLiu, F; WANG, L; YANG, G; WANG, W201327
A rate-jump method for characterization of soft tissues using nanoindentation techniquesTang, B; Ngan, AHW2012117
Rational approximation of a class of infinite-dimensional systems I: Singular values of hankel operatorsGlover, K; Lam, J; Partington, JR199072
Rational approximation of a class of infinite-dimensional systems II: Optimal convergence rates of L ∞ approximantsGlover, K; Lam, J; Partington, JR199167
A rational formulation of isoparametric hybrid stress elements for three-dimensional stress analysisSze, KY; Chow, CL; Wanji, C199077
Rational function representations of wave patterns in higher-dimensional and discrete evolution equationsChow, KW2004147
Razumikhin method and exponential stability of hybrid stochastic delay interval systemsMao, X; Lam, J; Xu, S; Gao, H200691
Realization of a broadband low-frequency plate silencer using sandwich platesWang, C; Cheng, L; Huang, L2008163
Realization of a special class of admittances with one damper and one inerter for mechanical controlChen, MZ; Wang, K; Zou, Y; Lam, J201330
Realizations of a special class of admittances with strictly lower complexity than canonical formsChen, MZ; Wang, K; Shu, Z; Li, C201322
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