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Nano-alloys synthesized by controlled crystallization from supercooled atomic clusters of elementsMeng, XK; Ngan, AHW2004658
Nano-mechanics of bone and bioactive bone cement interfaces in a load-bearing modelNi, GX; Choy, YS; Lu, WW; Ngan, AHW; Chiu, KY; Li, ZY; Tang, B; Luk, KDK2006329
Nano-scale structure and mechanical properties of the human dentine-enamel junctionChan, YL; Ngan, AHW; King, NM2011305
Nanofibrous collagen nerve conduits for spinal cord repair.Liu, T; Houle, JD; Xu, J; Chan, BP; Chew, SY201298
Nanofluids research: Key issuesWang, L; Fan, J2010246
Nanofluids: synthesis, heat conduction, and extensionWang, L; Wei, X2009175
Nanoimprint lithography with ≤60 nm overlay precisionWu, W; Walmsley, RG; Li, WD; Li, X; Williams, RS2012150
Nanoindentation investigation on the mechanical stability of individual austenite grains in a medium-Mn transformation-induced plasticity steelHE, B; Huang, M; LIANG, Z; Ngan, AHW; Luo, H.W.; Shi, J.; Cao, W.Q.; Dong, H.201343
Nanoindentation measurement of mechanical properties of soft solid covered by a thin liquid filmTang, B; Ngan, AHW2007290
Nanoindentation using an atomic force microscopeTang, B; Ngan, AHW2011572
Nanoliter-droplet breakup in confined T-shaped junctionsZhang, Y; Wang, L201192
Nanomechanical characterization of mineralized tissues in the oral cavityChan, YL; Ngan, AHW; King, NM2012163
A nanometre-sized porous phase in iron-carbon-boron systemBouaziz, O; Barges, P; Maugis, P; Huang, M2010121
Nanoparticle-enabled selective electrodepositionFeng, HP; Paudel, T; Yu, B; Chen, S; Ren, ZF; Chen, G2011178
Nanophase decomposition in plasma sprayed ZrO 2(Y 2O 3)/Al 2O 3 coatingsLiu, F; Cosandey, F; Zhou, X; Kear, BH2004150
Nanoscale fast relaxation events in polyethyleneLi, J; Ngan, AHW2010584
Nanoscale negative-tone quantized patterning by novel selective electrochemical etching of a nanoimprinted sub-200 nm bimetallic tile arrayLi, W; Liang, X; Chou, SY201225
Natural convection in a vertical microannulus with superhydrophobic slip and temperature jumpNg, CO; Wang, CY201333
Natural convection in a vertical slit microchannel with superhydrophobic slip and temperature jumpWang, CY; Ng, CO201419
Natural convection in enclosures with partially thermally active side walls containing internal heat sourcesKandaswamy, P; Nithyadevi, N; Ng, CO2008197
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