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Joint optimization approach to building vibration control via multiple active tuned mass dampersZhan, W; CUI, Y; FENG, Z; Cheung, KC; Lam, J; Gao, H201325
KBase: A customizable tool for building DBase-compatible knowledge-based systemsSoh, CK; Soh, AK; Lai, KY198973
Kinetic modeling of scrap tire pyrolysisLeung, DYC; Wang, CL1999133
Kinetic study of scrap tyre pyrolysis and combustionLeung, DYC; Wang, CL1998151
Kinking in niobiumChan, CY; Reid, CN; Duggan, BJ200262
Knowledge-based approach to the design of offshore jacket structuresSoh, CheeKiong; Soh, AiKah199085
Knowledge-guided inference for voice-enabled CADKou, XY; Xue, SK; Tan, ST201070
L1 impulse response error bound for balanced truncationLam, J; Anderson, BDO1992101
l1-induced norm and controller synthesis of positive systemsCHEN, X; Lam, J; Li, P; Shu, Z201326
The L12 ↔ DO19 transformation in the intermetallic compound Fe3GeChen, QZ; Ngan, AHW; Duggan, BJ1998103
Lagrangian transport induced by peristaltic pumping in a closed channelNg, CO; Ma, Y2009156
Lagrangian transport induced by peristaltic pumping in a tubeMa, Y; Ng, CO2011220
Lamellar structure of POM spherulites imaged by a two-stage RuO4 staining techniqueLi, JX; Ness, JN; Cheung, WL1996147
Laminar flow-based fuel cell working under critical conditions: The effect of parasitic currentXuan, J; Leung, MKH; Leung, DYC; Wang, H2012132
Large amplitude internal waves in a weakly stratified fluidChow, KW; Lai, DWC199971
Large eddy simulation for plunge breaker and sediment suspensionBai, Y; Ng, CO2002152
Large-eddy simulation of flow and pollutant dispersion in high-aspect-ratio urban street canyons with wall modelLi, XX; Liu, CH; Leung, DYC200880
Large-eddy simulation of flow and pollutant transport in street canyons of different building-height-to-street-width ratiosLiu, CH; Barth, MC; Leung, DYC200478
Large-Eddy Simulation of Flow and Pollutant Transport in Urban Street Canyons with Ground HeatingLi, XX; Britter, RE; Koh, TY; Norford, LK; Liu, CH; Entekhabi, D; Leung, DYC2010220
Large-Eddy Simulation of Flow and Pollutant Transports in and Above Two-Dimensional Idealized Street CanyonsCheng, WC; Liu, CH2011174
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