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Gauss-Jacobi-type quadrature rules for fractional directional integralsPang, G; Chen, W; Sze, KY201349
GDNF-secreting HEK293 cells in collagen-alginate composite gel and collagen microspheres embedded in alginate gel - New designs for drug delivery applicationsLee, M; Lo, ACY; Cheung, PT; Wong, DSH; Chan, BP2009311
Gel-immobilized colloidal crystal shell with enhanced thermal sensitivity at photonic wavelengthsKanai, T; Lee, D; Shum, HC; Shah, RK; Weitz, DA2010103
A gene-engineering-based design method for the innovation of manufactured productsChen, KZ; Feng, XA2009188
A general bioheat model at macroscaleFan, J; Wang, L2011118
General flow and thermal boundary conditions in indoor air flow simulationLi, Y; Holmberg, S199490
A general theory of diffusionWang, L1999128
A general theory of electromagnetic constitutive relationsWang, L1997124
Generalized Fourier lawWang, L1994117
Generalized fundamental solutions for unsteady viscous flowsShu, J; Chwang, ATY2001250
A generalized parameter-dependent approach to robust Ha5 filtering of stochastic SystemsMeng, X; Lam, J; Fei, Z2009139
A generalized parameter-dependent approach to robust H∞ filtering of stochastic systemsMeng, X; Lam, J; Fei, Z200973
A generalized Peierls-Nabarro model for non-planar screw dislocation coresNgan, AHW199765
Generalized series-parallel RLC synthesis without minimization for biquadratic impedancesWang, K; Chen, MZ201223
Generating assembly features onto split solid modelsChan, CK; Tan, ST2003170
Generation of an STL File from 3D Measurement Data with User-Controlled Data ReductionChen, YH; Ng, CT; Wang, YZ1999148
Generation of high order surfaces over arbitrary polyhedral meshesTan, ST; Chan, KC198657
Generation of solitary waves by forward- and backward-step bottom forcingZhang, D; Chwang, ATY2001501
Generation of solitary waves by transcritical flow over a stepGrimshaw, RHJ; Zhang, DH; Chow, KW2007288
Genetic algorithm based defect identification systemTam, SM; Cheung, KC200098
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