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Fabric drape simulation by solid-shell finite element methodSze, KY; Liu, XH2007453
Fabrication and characterisation of polymer and composite scaffolds based on polyhydroxybutyrate and polyhydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerateSultana, N; Wang, M2007193
Fabrication and characteristics of hydroxyapatite reinforced polypropylene as a bone analogue biomaterialLiu, Y; Wang, M2007173
Fabrication and characterization of bioactive glass coatings produced by the ion beam sputter deposition techniqueWang, CX; Chen, ZQ; Wang, M200270
Fabrication and characterization of Co xGd 1-x nanowire arrays and core-shell-like Co xGd 1-x/CoO nanowire arraysLiu, SY; Soh, AK; Hong, L; Zheng, GP200888
Fabrication and characterization of composite microspheres containing carbonated hydroxyapatite nanoparticlesZhou, WY; Wang, M; Cheung, WL2007212
Fabrication and characterization of graded calcium phosphate coatings produced by ion beam sputtering/mixing depositionWang, CX; Chen, ZQ; Guan, LM; Wang, M; Liu, ZY; Wang, PL200168
Fabrication and characterization of interconnected grid-type dye-sensitized solar modulesWei, TC; Feng, SP; Chang, YH; Cherng, SJ; Lin, YJ; Chen, CM; Chen, HH201233
Fabrication and Characterization of Monodisperse PLGA-alginate Core-shell Microspheres with Monodisperse Size and Homogeneous Shells for Controlled Drug ReleaseWu, J; Kong, T; Yeung, KWK; Shum, HC; Cheung, KMC; Wang, L; To, MKT201357
Fabrication and manipulation of polymeric magnetic particles with magnetorheological fluidRodriguez-Lopez, J; Shum, HC; Luis, ES; Espinosa, FM; Weitz, DA201321
Fabrication of a 60-nm-diameter perfectly round metal-dot array over a large area on a plastic substrate using nanoimprint lithography and self-perfection by liquefactionWang, C; Xia, Q; Li, WD; Fu, Z; Morton, KJ; Chou, SY2010172
Fabrication of an apatite/collagen composite coating on the NiTi shape memory alloy through electrochemical deposition and coating characterisationSun, T; Wong, JHW; Wang, M2009395
Fabrication of Ceramic Microspheres by Diffusion-Induced Sol–Gel Reaction in Double EmulsionsZhang, L; Hao, SC; Liu, B; Shum, HC; Li, J; Chen, HS201369
Fabrication of monodisperse toroidal particles by polymer solidification in microfluidicsWang, B; Ho, CS; Weitz, DA200964
Fabrication of nano-fibrous collagen microspheres for protein delivery and effects of photochemical crosslinking on release kineticsChan, OCM; So, KF; Chan, BP2008194
Fabrication of nanometer-to-micron sized Cu 2O single crystals by electrodepositionNg, SY; Ngan, AHW2011495
Fabrication of Ni-Al thin film by PLD and properties of Ni3Al thin coatingsXu, WH; Meng, XK; Ngan, AHW; Chen, XY; Liu, ZG2000208
Fabrication of polymersomes using double-emulsion templates in glass-coated stamped microfluidic devicesThiele, J; Abate, AR; Shum, HC; Bachtler, S; Förster, S; Weitz, DA2010188
Fabrication of tunable spherical colloidal crystals immobilized in soft hydrogelsKanai, T; Lee, D; Shum, HC; Weitz, DA2010106
Factors affecting ventilation effectiveness in SARS wardsLi, YG; Leung, M; Seto, WH; Yuen, PL; Leung, J; Kwan, JK; Yu, SCT2008235
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