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Early development drug formulation on a chip: Fabrication of nanoparticles using a microfluidic spray dryerThiele, J; Windbergs, M; Abate, AR; Trebbin, M; Shum, HC; Förster, S; Weitz, DA2011122
Early stages of decomposition of ferrite in duplex stainless steelShek, CH; Shen, GJ; Lai, JKL; Duggan, BJ199467
An economical assumed stress brick element and its implementationSze, KY; Fan, H199690
Edge dislocation dipole emission from a blunt crack tip and its morphological effectsHuang, M; Díaz Del Castillo, PEJR; Li, Z2006145
EditorialNgan, AHW2007101
Editorial for special issue of the First International Conference on Applied Energy, ICAE'09, Hong Kong, January 5-7, 2009 at the journal, applied energyLeung, DYC; Yang, H; Yan, J201073
Editorial Recent advancements in the hybrid/mixed finite element methodSze, KY199543
Editorial: Biomaterials and tissue engineeringWang, M; Narayan, R201264
Editorial: Biomaterials at PacRim9Boccaccini, AR; Wang, M201217
Editorial: Special issue on data-driven modelling methods adn their applicationsChan, CW2003104
The effect of a deformation banding criterion on simulated b.c.c. rolling texturesDuggan, BJ; Liu, GL; Zhang, LX199874
Effect of artificial cartilage made up of smart material of nanostructure on dispersion in poorly conducting macromolecular components in synovial jointsRudraiah, N; Ng, CO; Nagaraj, C2007200
The effect of atomic vacancies and grain boundaries on mechanical properties of GaN nanowiresXie, SF; Chen, SD; Soh, AK2011333
The effect of basic fffiroblast growth factors ( bfgf ) in tendon healing - An in vitro studyChan, B; Chan, KM; Lee, K; Maffiilli, N; Webb, S199690
Effect of basic fibroblast growth factor: An in vitro study of tendon healingChan, BP; Chan, KM; Maffulli, N; Webb, S; Lee, KKH199781
Effect of birefringence on the modulation instabilities of a system of coherently coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equationsChiu, HS; Chow, KW200970
Effect of chemical composition on work hardening of Fe-Mn-C TWIP steelsBouaziz, O; Zurob, H; Chehab, B; Embury, JD; Allain, S; Huang, M2011215
Effect of cube nucleus distribution on cube textureDuggan, BJ; Chung, CY199451
Effect of dexamethasone on cultured human tenocytes and its reversibility by platelet-derived growth factorWong, MWN; Tang, YYN; Lee, SKM; Fu, BSC; Chan, BP; Chan, CKM2003134
Effect of energy density on morphology and properties of selective laser sintering polycarbonateHo, CHH; Gibson, I; Cheung, WL199991
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