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B-spline recurrent neural network and its nonlinear modellingJin, H; Chan, CW; Zhang, HY1999157
Bacterial survival in evaporating deposited droplets on a teflon-coated surfaceXie, X; Li, Y; Zhang, T; Fang, HHP2006178
A balance-point method for assessing the effect of natural ventilation on indoor particle concentrationsLi, Y; Chen, Z2003165
Balanced model reduction of symmetric composite systemsLam, J; Yang, GH199669
Balanced realization of Pade Approximants of e-sTLam, James199164
Beating the Jetting RegimeSauret, AON; Shum, HC201228
Behavior modeling for the spraying device in the layered manufacturing process for the components made of a multiphase perfect materialChen, KZ; Wang, F; Feng, XY; Feng, XA2006156
Behavior modeling of laser micromachining in hybrid-layered manufacturing for components made of a material with a periodic microstructureWang, F; Chen, KZ; Feng, XA200874
Behavior of copper removal by CMP and its correlation to deposit structure and impurity contentFeng, HP; Lin, JY; Cheng, MY; Wang, YY; Wan, CC2008180
Behaviour of pipes with a circular hole subjected to compressive loadingHoon, KH; Soh, AK199793
Behaviour of tubular T-joints subjected to combined loadingsYeoh, SK; Soh, AK; Soh, CK199574
Bending of nanoscale structures: Inconsistency between atomistic simulation and strain gradient elasticity solutionSun, ZH; Wang, XX; Soh, AK; Wu, HA; Wang, Y2007213
Bifurcation and route-to-chaos analyses for Mathieu-Duffing oscillator by the incremental harmonic balance methodShen, JH; Lin, KC; Chen, SH; Sze, KY2008134
Bifurcation and stability of combined free and forced convection in rotating curved ducts of square cross-sectionYang, T; Wang, L2003141
Bifurcation and stability of forced convection in curved ducts of square cross-sectionWang, L; Yang, T2004103
Bifurcation and stability of forced convection in tightly coiled ducts: MultiplicityWang, L; Pang, O; Cheng, L200591
Bifurcation and stability of forced convection in tightly coiled ducts: StabilityWang, L; Pang, O; Cheng, L200659
Bioactive composite coating on titanium implants for hard tissue repairWu, JM; Wang, M; Osaka, A2007169
Bioactive hydroxyapatite-polysulfone composite for tissue replacementChua, B; Wang, M200063
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