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Abatement of toluene in the plasma-driven catalysis: Mechanism and reaction kineticsHuang, H; Ye, D; Leung, DYC2011710
Absolute exponential stability criteria for a class of nonlinear time-delay systemsZhang, B; Lam, J; Xu, S; Shu, Z2010187
Accurate analytical perturbation approach for large amplitude vibration of functionally graded beamsLai, SK; Harrington, J; Xiang, Y; Chow, KW2012182
Accurate measurement of tip-sample contact size during nanoindentation of viscoelastic materialsTang, B; Ngan, AHW200398
Achieving natural and hybrid ventilation in practiceLiddament, M; Axley, J; Heiselberg, P; Li, Y; Stathopoulos, T2006135
Acoustic analysis of a computer cooling fanHuang, L; Wang, J200593
Acoustic leakage in electromagnetic waveguides made from piezoelectric materialsYang, J; Soh, AK; Chen, X2007265
Active control of drag noise from a small axial flow fanWang, J; Huang, L2006309
Adaptive cluster synchronisation of coupled harmonic oscillators with multiple leaders.Su, H; Chen, MZ; Wang, XF; Wang, H; Valeyev, NV201330
Adaptive consensus with a virtual leader of multiple agents governed by locally lipschitz dynamicsHU, Y; Su, H; Lam, J201322
Adaptive flocking with a virtual leader of multiple agents governed by locally Lipschitz nonlinearitySu, H; Zhang, N; Chen, MZ; Wang, H; Wang, XF201276
Adaptive H∞ control using backstepping design and neural networksNiu, Y; Lam, J; Wang, X; Ho, DWC200575
Adaptive meshing and analysis using transitional quadrilateral and hexahedral elementsLo, SH; Wu, D; Sze, KY2010707
Adaptive meshing of 2D heterogeneous objects using material quadtreeChiu, WK; Kou, XY; Tan, ST2011124
Adaptive refinement analysis using hybrid-stress transition elementsLo, SH; Wan, KH; Sze, KY2006322
ADCS: An automatic design system for kinematic devicesLi, CL; Chan, KW; Tan, ST1999165
Adding draft angles on mechanical components containing constant radius blending surfacesYan, Y; Tan, ST2004166
Adhesive behavior of two-dimensional power-law graded materialsChen, S; Yan, C; Soh, A200961
Advances in thermoelastic damping in micro- and nano-mechanical resonators: a reviewFang, DN; Sun, YX; Soh, AK2007233
Aerodynamic loading on a cylinder behind an airfoilZhang, HJ; Huang, L; Zhou, Y2005118
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