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Hybrid stress tetrahedral elements with Allman's rotational D.O.F.sSze, KY; Pan, YS2000106
A hybrid-stress ANS solid-shell element and its generalization for smart structure modelling - part II: smart structure modellingSze, KY; Yao, L; Yi, S2000100
Hybrid-stress six-node prismatic elementsSze, KY; Liu, XH; Lo, SH2004160
Hybrid-stress solid elements for shell structures based upon a modified variational functionalSze, KY; Lo, SH; Yao, LQ2002125
A hybrid-stress solid-shell element for non-linear analysis of piezoelectric structuresYao, L; Sze, KY200975
A hybrid-Trefftz finite element model for Helmholtz problemSze, KY; Cheung, YK2008411
Hybrid-trefftz six-node triangular finite element models for helmholtz problemSze, KY; Liu, GH2010231
Hydraulics of a submerged weir and applicability in navigational channels: basic flow structuresHuang, SL; Ng, CO2007173
Hydrodynamic focusing in microfluidic membraneless fuel cells: Breaking the trade-off between fuel utilization and current densityXuan, J; Leung, MKH; Leung, DYC; Ni, M; Wang, H2011177
Hydrodynamic interactions among multiple circular cylinders in an inviscid flowSun, R; Ng, CO201236
Hydrogen production over titania-based photocatalystsLeung, DYC; Fu, X; Wang, C; Ni, M; Leung, MKH; Wang, X; Fu, X2010117
Hydrostatically extruded HAPEXTMWang, M; Ladizesky, NH; Tanner, KE; Ward, IM; Bonfield, W200099
Hydroxide ZnSn(OH)6: A promising new photocatalyst for benzene degradationFu, X; Wang, X; Ding, Z; Leung, DYC; Zhang, Z; Long, J; Zhang, W; Li, Z; Fu, X2009106
Hydroxyapatite-polyethylene composites for bone substitution: Effects of ceramic particle size and morphologyWang, M; Joseph, R; Bonfield, W199896
Hydroxyapatite-polyethylene composites: Effect of grafting and surface treatment of hydroxyapatiteDeb, S; Wang, M; Tanner, KE; Bonfield, W199692
A hyperbolic Lindstedt-poincaré method for homoclinic motion of a kind of strongly nonlinear autonomous oscillatorsChen, YY; Chen, SH; Sze, KY2009532
A hyperbolic perturbation method for determining homoclinic solution of certain strongly nonlinear autonomous oscillatorsChen, SH; Chen, YY; Sze, KY200967
H~v~'a5~~ model reduction for continuous-time switched stochastic hybrid systemsWu, L; Ho, DWC; Lam, J200988
H∞ disturbance attenuation for uncertain mechanical systems with input delayDu, H; Lam, J; Sze, KY200564
H∞ filtering for systems with delays and time-varying nonlinear parametersZhou, S; Lam, J2010255
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