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Adaptive meshing and analysis using transitional quadrilateral and hexahedral elementsLo, SH; Wu, D; Sze, KY2010707
Adaptive meshing of 2D heterogeneous objects using material quadtreeChiu, WK; Kou, XY; Tan, ST2011125
Adaptive refinement analysis using hybrid-stress transition elementsLo, SH; Wan, KH; Sze, KY2006322
ADCS: An automatic design system for kinematic devicesLi, CL; Chan, KW; Tan, ST1999165
Adding draft angles on mechanical components containing constant radius blending surfacesYan, Y; Tan, ST2004167
Adhesive behavior of two-dimensional power-law graded materialsChen, S; Yan, C; Soh, A200961
Advances in thermoelastic damping in micro- and nano-mechanical resonators: a reviewFang, DN; Sun, YX; Soh, AK2007233
Aerodynamic loading on a cylinder behind an airfoilZhang, HJ; Huang, L; Zhou, Y2005118
Aerodynamic mechanism of blade end bending techniqueHuang, L; Wei, XL; Peng , ZY198864
AFM nanoindentation detection of the elastic modulus of tongue squamous carcinoma cells with different metastatic potentialsZhou, Z; Zheng, C; Li, S; Zhou, X; Liu, Z; He, Q; Zhang, N; Ngan, AHW; Tang, B; Wang, A201328
Age of air and air exchange efficiency in high-rise urban areas and its link to pollutant dilutionHang, J; Li, Y2011357
Age of air and air exchange efficiency in idealized city modelsHang, J; Sandberg, M; Li, Y20091,154
Aggregate diffusion model applied to soil vapor extraction in unidirectional and radial flowsNg, CO; Mei, CC199670
Aggregation pattern transitions by slightly varying the attractive/repulsive functionCheng, Z; Zhang, HT; Chen, MZQ; Zhou, T; Valeyev, NV2011108
Air distribution design in a SARS Ward with multiple bedsChan, F; Cheung, V; Law, V; Li, Y; Wong, A; Yau, R2004134
Air pollution impact due to road transportation in Hong Kong in the next decadeLee, BCH; Leung, DYC1995112
Air-breathing membraneless laminar flow-based fuel cells: Do they breathe enough oxygen?Xuan, J; Leung, YC; Wang, H; Leung, MKH; Wang, B; Ni, M201347
Airborne transmission of disease in hospitalsEames, I; Tang, JW; Li, Y; Wilson, P2009357
Alternative approach to modify a discrete kirchhoff triangular elementSoh, AK; Ling, C2001206
Alternative conductor guide designSoh, AiKah; Soh, CheeKiong199074
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