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Nonlinear magnetoelastic coupling effects in a soft ferromagnetic material with a crackLiang, W; Fang, D; Shen, Y; Soh, AK200297
Nonlinear mechanism of bed load transportXu, H; Bai, Y; Ng, CO2009174
Nonlinear observer design for systems with unknown nonlinearity via B-spline neural network approachZhang, Hongyue; Jin, Hong; Chan, CW; Cheung, KC200075
Nonlinear resonance and quasi-periodic solutions for ventilation flows in a single opening enclosureZheng, Z; Xu, P; Li, Y; Chen, G2005155
Nonvolatile organic transistor-memory devices using various thicknesses of silver nanoparticle layersWang, SM; Leung, CW; Chan, PKL2010102
A note on PIN polynomials and PRIN rational functionsChen, MZQ200891
A note on tests for positive-real functionsChen, MZQ; Smith, MC2009162
A note on the Aris dispersion in a tube with phase exchange and reactionNg, CO2000133
Novel approach for devising higher-order hybrid elementsSze, KY199381
A novel approach to the convexity control of interpolant curvesDuan, Q; Wang, L; Twizell, EH2003130
A novel artificial prosthetic replacement for the proximal interphalangeal joint of the hand--from concept to prototype.Chow, SP; Lam, KW; Gibson, I; Ngan, AH; Lu, W; Ip, WY; Chiu, KY2005147
Novel Core-shell structured Paclitaxel-loaded PLGA@Ag-Au nanoparticlesLI, S; Wang, M201339
A novel dual-mode predictive control strategy for constrained Wiener systemsZhang, HT; Chen, G; Chen, MZQ201079
A novel eutectic Fe-15 wt.% Ti alloy with an ultrafine lamellar structure for high temperature applicationsBarbier, D.; Huang, M; Bouaziz, O.201322
Novel formulation of solid shell element for geometrically nonlinear analysisZheng, S; Sze, KY200239
Novel global asymptotic stability criteria for delayed cellular neural networksXu, S; Lam, J; Ho, DWC; Zou, Y2005379
Novel global robust stability criteria for interval neural networks with multiple time-varying delaysXu, S; Lam, J; Ho, DWC200559
A novel hybrid finite element analysis of bimaterial wedge problemsChen, MC; Sze, KY2001104
A novel SERS-active tag based on bimetallic flowerlike Au-Ag nanoparticlesLi, SY; Wang, M2011199
Novel solitary pulses for a variable-coefficient derivative nonlinear Schrödinger equationChow, KW; Yip, LP; Grimshaw, R200769
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