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10 years of the basic law: the rise, retreat and resurgence of judicial power in Hong KongYap, PJ2007831
The 1972 Liability Convention: Time for revision?Zhao, Y2004161
The 2002 Space Cooperation Protocol between China and Brazil: An excellent example of South-South cooperationZhao, Y2005183
A frolic in the law of tort: expanding the scope of employers' vicarious liabilityGlofcheski, R2004513
A Hong Kong perspective and book review of Declan McGrath, Evidence, Dublin: Thomson Round Hall, 2005, 728 pp, hb euro 350Young, SNM2007334
Abolishing by-elections to fill vacancies in the legislative councilChau, P; Young, SNM2012175
Absolute Immunity for Sovereign Debtors in Hong KongLim, CL2011145
Accounting for Atrocities in IndonesiaLinton, S2007157
Actuarial assessment of damages in personal injury litigation: How precise are we?Chan, FWH; Chan, WS; Li, JSH2012260
Adaptation and resilience in global financial regulationArner, DW2011218
Adaptive Efficiency and Economic Development in China: The Definition and Enforcement of Property RightsYu, G2009176
Adaptive efficiency and financial development in China: The role of contracts and contractual enforcementYu, G; Zhang, H2008100
Adjudicating social welfare rights in Hong KongKong, K2012241
Adjustment of liquidated damages in a 'two systems' country: the contract laws of Hong Kong (SAR) and mainland ChinaMason, L2010209
Administration of Futures Trading Tentative RegulationsZhang, XC1999119
ADR and financial disputes in Hong Kong: The Lehman Brothers experience and the way forwardGu, W2011212
The Advent of Substantive Legitimate Expectations in Hong Kong: Two Competing VisionsTai, BYT; Yam, K2002243
Adverse Possession and Proprietary Estoppel as Defences to Actions for PossessionLee, A1999349
Advocating public advocacy: an opportunity for charities in Hong Kong?Lee, R; Ho, L2012168
After Lehman: international response to financial disputes – a focus on Hong KongAli, SF; Kwok, JKW2011226
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