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Mechanisms of Antibacterial Activity of MgO: Non-ROS Mediated Toxicity of MgO Nanoparticles Towards Escherichia coliLeung, YH; Ng, AMC; Xu, XY; Shen, ZY; Gethings, LA; Wong, TM; Chan, MN; Guo, M; Ng, YH; Djurisic, A; Lee, PKH; Chan, WK; Yu, L; Phillips, DL; Ma, PY; Leung, FCC201415
Effect of starting properties and annealing on photocatalytic activityof ZnO nanoparticlesLiu, F; Guo, M; Leung, YH; Djurisic, A; Ng, AMC; Chan, WK201332
Antibacterial and photocatalytic activities of TiO2 nanotubesChan, CMN; Ng, AMC; FUNG, MK; Cheng, HS; Guo, M; Djurisic, A; Leung, FCC; Chan, WK201348
TiIV uptake and release by human serum transferrin and recognition of TiIV-transferrin by cancer cells: Understanding the mechanism of action of the anticancer drug titanocene dichlorideGuo, M; Sun, H; Mcardle, HJ; Gambling, L; Sadler, PJ200070
Stereoselective formation of seven-coordinate titanium(IV) monomer and dimer complexes of ethylenebis(o-hydroxyphenyl)glycineGuo, M; Sun, H; Bihari, S; Parkinson, JA; Gould, RO; Parsons, S; Sadler, PJ2000156
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