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The Kennack Gneisses of the Lizard Complex, Cornwall, England: partial melts produced during ophiolite emplacement.Malpas, J; Langdon, GS198776
Language Diversity and Language Policy in Educational Access and EquityTollefson, JW; Tsui, ABM201430
Large-scale sequencing of two regions in human chromosome 7q22: Analysis of 650 kb of genomic sequence around the EPO and CUTL1 loci reveals 17 genesGlockner, G; Scherer, S; Schattevoy, R; Boright, A; Weber, J; Tsui, LC; Rosenthal, A1998196
Lens-specific promoter activity of a mouse g-crystallin geneLok, S; Breitman, ML; Chepelinsky, AB; Piatigorsky, J; Gold, RJM; Tsui, L-C1985263
Levamisole induces interleukin-18 and shifts type 1/type 2 cytokine balanceSzeto, C-C; Gillespie, KM; Mathieson, PW20008
Linkage between the loci for cystic fibrosis and paraoxonaseSchmiegelow, K; Eiberg, H; Tsui, LC1986312
Linkage of cystic fibrosis to the proα2(I) collagen gene, COL1A2, on chromosome 7Buchwald, M; Zsiga, M; Markiewicz, D; Plavsic, N; Kennedy, D; Zengerling, S; Willard, HF; Tsipouras, P; Schmiegelow, K; Schwartz, M; Eiberg, H; Mohr, J; Barker, D; Donis-Keller, H; Tsui, LC1986315
Linkage of cystic fibrosis to two tightly linked DNA markers: joint report from a collaborative studyBeaudet, A; Bowcock, A; Buchwald, M; Cavalli-Sforza, L; Farrall, M; King, MC; Klinger, K; Lalouel, JM; Lathrop, G; Naylor, S; Ott, J; Tsui, LC; Wainwright, B; Watkins, P; White, R; Williamson, R1986298
Linkage of DNA probe B79a (D7S13) to cystic fibrosisWainwright, BJ; Tsui, LC; Leppert, M; Buchwald, M; Estivill, X; O'Connell, P; Lathrop, M; LaLouel, JM; White, R; Williamson, R; Farrall, M1987269
Linkage study of the dopamine D5 receptor gene and Gilles de la Tourette syndromeBarr, CL; Wigg, KG; Zovko, E; Sandor, P; Tsui, L-C1997179
Lipodystrophy in MCGN type II: The clue to links between the adipocyte and the complement systemMathieson, PW; Peters, DK; Allegri, L19976
Localization of 67 exons on a YAC contig spanning 1.5 Mb around the multidrug resistance gene region of human chromosome 7q21.1Torigoe, K; Harada, T; Kusaba, H; Uchiumi, T; Kohno, K; Green, ED; Scherer, SW; Tsui, LC; Schlessinger, D; Kuwano, M; Wada, M1998390
Localization of a beta-crystallin gene, Hu beta A3/A1 (gene symbol:CRYB1), to the long arm of human chromosome 17Law, ML; Cai, GY; Hartz, J; Kao, FT; Hogg, D; Breitman, ML; Tsui, LC1986205
Localization of the gene encoding the α 2/δ-subunits of the L-type voltage dependent calcium channel to chromosome 7q and analysis of the segregation of flanking markers in malignant hyperthermia susceptible familiesIles, DE; LehmannHorn, F; Scherer, SW; Tsui, LC; Weghuis, DO; Suijkerbuijk, RF; Heytens, L; Mikala, G; Schwartz, A; Ellis, FR; Stewart, AD; Deufel, T; Wieringa, B1994229
Localization of the gene encoding the α2/δ subunit (CACNL2A) of the human skeletal muscle voltage-dependent Ca2+ channel to chromosome 7q21- q22 by somatic cell hybrid analysisPowers, PA; Scherer, SW; Tsui, LC; Gregg, RG; Hogan, K199484
Localization of the gene for X-linked recessive type of retinitis pigmentosa (XLRP) to Xp21 by linkage analysisMusarella, MA; Burghes, A; AnsonCartwright, L; Mahtani, MM; Argonza, R; Tsui, LC; Worton, R1988193
Localization of the human dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase gene (DLD) to 7q31→q32Scherer, SW; Otulakowski, G; Robinson, BH; Tsui, LC1991269
Localization of the human gene encoding the 13.3-kDa subunit of mitochondrial complex III (UQCRB) to 8q22 by in situ hybridizationMalaney, S; Heng, HHQ; Tsui, LC; Shi, XM; Robinson, BH1996230
Localization of the human gene for inducible nitric oxide synthase (NOS2) to chromosome 17q11.2-q12Marsden, PA; Heng, HHQ; Duff, CL; Shi, XM; Tsui, LC; Hall, AV1994111
Localization of two metabotropic glutamate receptor genes, GRM3 and GRM8, to human chromosome 7qScherer, SW; Duvoisin, RM; Kuhn, R; Heng, HHQ; Belloni, E; Tsui, LC1996176
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