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Learning and teaching communicationMak-Lieh, F; Lam, CLK201260
Lecture on "A Family Doctor for Everyone"Lam, CLK201068
Low literacy Chinese patients: How are they affected and do they cope with health matters? A qualitative studyLam, TP; Cheng, YH; Chan, YL2004355
Mainstreaming HIV services for men who have sex with men: The role of general practitionersWong, WCW; Kidd, MR; Tucker, JD201219
Making Sense in CommunicationPatil, NG; Lam, CLK201242
Medical education reform: The Asian experienceLam, TP; Bess Lam, YY200960
Medical educators rush in where biomedical teachers fear to tread - developing a medical humanities core curriculumChan, LC; Chen, J201335
Medical school culture: more positive than you thinkChen, JY; Yip, AM; Beh, PSL; Patil, NG2011120
Medical student perception of suffering during the early clinical yearsChen, JY; Chan, LK; Lam, CLK; Chan, LC201287
Mental Health and Perceived Self-Efficacy of Medical Students: Research Findings and Implications for eLearning Support.Doherty, I; Chen, JY-13
Mindful Practice Training For Medical Students’ Wellbeing And Professional Development: The Experiences From The University Of Hong KongWong, PY; Chen, JY; Chan, LC; Ho, RTH201333
Model a close doctor-patient relationshipLam, CLK201329
A more holistic approach is needed in the management of erectile dysfunction in Hong KongFong, F; Wong, WCW2008123
The moving on of Asia Pacific Family MedicineClearihan, L; Lam, TP; Leopando, Z200370
A new reference PEFR nomogram for Hong Kong ChineseChan, MSH; Wong, NM; Kong, AYF; Lam, TP; Wun, YT; Tam, W2009170
Nomogram of peak expiratory flow rates (PEFR) for Hong Kong ChineseChan, MSH; Wong, NM; Kong, AYF; Tam, WWS; Wun, YT; Lam, TP2010448
Nomograms need to be updatedChan, MSH; Wong, NM; Kong, AYF; Tam, WWS; Wun, YT; Lam, TP201067
Normative data and factors associated with SF-12 health survey in Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitusWong, KH; Lo, YYC201084
"One country, two systems": Sociopolitical implications for female migrant sex workers in Hong KongWong, WCW; Holroyd, E; Chan, EY; Griffiths, S; Bingham, A2008172
One moment in timeChen, JY; Tsang, JWH201167
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