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Aldose reductase deficient mice develop nephrogenic diabetesinsipidusHo, Tsun-bond, Horace.; 何存邦2000194
Anti-angiogenic gene therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma by AAV-mediated expression of kallistatin and vasostatinTse, Lai-yin.; 謝禮賢.2005293
Cataract induced by osmotic stressJiang, Zhirong; 蔣志戎2000371
Conditional knockout of neural cell adhesion molecule L1 in mouse brainLaw, Wai-sze.; 羅慧詩2000182
DNA engineering utilizing thymidylate synthase A (thyA) selection system in Escherichia coliWong, Nga-yi, Queenie.; 黃雅誼2001251
Effects of Schwann cell-specific over-expression of aldose reductase on diabetic and galactosemic neuropathySong, Zhentao.; 宋震濤.1999313
FTY720, a novel pharmaceutical therapy for hepatocellular carcinomaLee, Kin-wah, Terence; 李建華2004592
Functional characterization of human cell cycle related kinase in glioblastoma carcinogenesisCheung, Yuen-ting.; 張婉婷.2003381
Functional role of endothelin-1 on astrocytes and neurons under hypoxia/ischemia by using ET-1 transgenic and knockout miceYaw, Lai-ping.; 邱麗萍.2003370
Generation of transgenic and knockout constructs to study the role of endothelin-1 expression on the development of craniofacial and cardiacstructuresChiu, Wun, Kelvin.; 趙弘2002154
Identification of tumor-associated proteins in human prostatic epithelial cell lines & squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck byproteomic technologyChen, Jia; 陳珈2004383
Isolation and characterization of NRF2: a member of the NF-E2 family of transcription factorsChan, Kaimin.; 陳繼明1997312
Molecular genetic analysis of the polyol pathway in diabetic and galactosemic cataractsLee, Yiu-wah.; 李耀華1995182
Mouse preproendothelin-1 gene: transgenic mouse models to study tissue-specific and developmental expression andregulationChan, Sing-kwok.; 陳醒覺1998196
Osmotic response element binding protein (OREBP) is an essential regulator of urine concentrating mechanism and renal protectionLam, Ka-man, Amy.; 林嘉敏.2004332
Over-expression of aldose reductase and a novel aldose reductase-like gene in human primary liver cancersCao, De-liang.; 曹德良1996255
Regulation of aldose reductase geneKo, Chi-bun.; 柯子斌1997222
Regulation of genes involved in cellular osmotic regulationLee, Wing-yan.; 李詠欣1999197
Regulation of microsomal triglyceride transfer protein gene byinsulin: the involvement of MAPKerk cascadeand HNF-1Au, Wo-shing.; 區和盛2001219
Role of endothelin-1 and nitric oxide on the cardiovascular functionKoon, Hon-wai, Michael.; 管漢偉.2002194
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