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A case study of build-operate-transfer road project in Hong Kong: Route 3 Country Park SectionLo, Chi-wah, Felix; 盧志華20041,491
A comparative study on the accessibility of high-speed rail in YangtzeRiver Delta, ChinaHe, Jianfeng; 贺剑锋2011188
A comparison of the regulatory framework for public light bus and non-franchised bus in Hong KongWong, Pak-kin; 王伯健2006756
A critical evaluation of public transport policy formulation in Hong KongLo, Sze-yuen, Henri.; 盧思遠.20051,084
A critical review on the planning of cross border vehicular traffic between Hong Kong and ShenzhenCheung, Yu-piu.; 張裕彪.2001236
A critique of the effectiveness of transport planning models on railway planning in Hong KongHo, Chi-cheong, Joe.; 何志昌.1999234
A GIS analysis of the light rail transit system in MacauLeong, Wai-luen, Ricky.; 梁偉鑾.2008409
A new approach to presenting congestion level alerts to road usersLee, Yan-pui.; 李昕鋇.2010190
A review and prognosis of the development of Hong Kong's railway systemNgai, Ming-shan; 魏明珊2004155
A review of bus fare structure in Hong KongLeung, Suen-wai.; 梁孫偉.2004928
A review of container terminal productivityWong, Sze-ching, Terence.; 黃詩靖.20031,469
A review of environmental appraisal of road widening project: a case studyTse, Kin-hon.; 謝健瀚2003538
A review of passenger railway development in Hong KongYau, Chun-kin.; 邱俊健.2005500
A review of passenger transport services to and from the Hong Kong International AirportRim, Ka-fai; 林家輝2002255
A review of port privatization: what China can make use ofCheung, Kar-yin.; 張嘉賢.2003283
A review of road safety strategiesHung, Wing-kei.; 洪永淇.2003646
A review of safety startegies of Mass Transit Railway in Hong KongSo, Koon-leung.; 蘇冠良.1999228
A review of studies on cross Pearl River Delta BridgeLam, Kwong-chiu, Gareth.; 林光潮.2004330
A review of taxi policies in Hong KongLit, Chun-wa.; 列俊華.2001264
A review of the area-wide bus priority policy in Hong KongLau, Ming-yu, Thomas.; 劉名瑜.2002195
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