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Gastrointestinal absorption of insulin in suckling pigsShen, WH; Xu, RJ199684
Gastrointestinal absorption of insulinlike growth factor-I in neonatal pigsXu, RJ; Wang, T1996141
Gastrointestinal Innervation And MotilityZhang, SH; Xu, RJ2006128
Gastrointestinal Regulatory PeptidesXu, RJ; Zhang, YQ2006110
Gastrointestinal Secretory FunctionXu, RJ2006100
Gastrointestinal stability and absorption of insulin in suckling pigsShen, WH; Xu, RJ200092
gC1qR/p33: A member of a new class of multifunctional and multicompartmental cellular proteins (MMCPs) is involved in inflammation and infection.Ghebrehiwet, B; Lim, BL; Kumar, R; Feng, X; Peerschke, EIB2001122
Gene Cloning and Sequence Analysis of VP5 for Chicken Infectious Bursal Disease VirusLiu, CR; Yu, SQ; Leung, FCC200188
Generation of CEF-adapted mutant from a very virulent IBDV strain by reverse genetics: a novel method for development of IBDV vaccineLim, BL1998106
Genetic authentication of ginseng and other traditional Chinese medicineHon, CC; Chow, YC; Zeng, FY; Leung, FCC2003128
Genetic characterization and phylogenetic analysis of porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) in Hong KongMa, CM; Leung, FCC2005116
Genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships of sweetclovers (Melilotus) germplasm resourcesLee, Lai-ying, Rosita.; 李麗瑩1999302
Genetic diversity and relationships detected by isozyme and RAPD analysis of crop and wild species of AmaranthusChan, KF; Sun, M1997189
Genetic diversity and relationships of spiranthes sinensis, S. spiralis, and S. hongkongensis (orchidaceae) as revealed by RAPD andcpDNA markersChan, Man-chung.; 陳文頌1997239
Genetic diversity and relationships of sweetpotato and its wild relatives in Ipomoea series Batatas (Convolvulaceae) as revealed by inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) and restriction analysis of chloroplast DNAHuang, JC; Sun, M2000115
Genetic diversity in Acanthus ilicifolius, a cryptoviviparous species in the ground flora of mangrovesZhang, H; Sun, M1999210
Genetic diversity in Spiranthes sinensis and S. hongkongensis: the effect of population size, mating system, and evolutionary originSun, M1996155
Genetic diversity of Chinese native chicken breeds based on protein polymorphism, randomly amplified polymorphic DNA, and microsatellite polymorphismZhang, X; Leung, FC; Chan, DKO; Yang, G; Wu, C2002172
Genetic diversity of Chinese native chickensZhang, X; Leung, FCC; Chan, DKO; Yang, G; Wu, C2000127
Genetic diversity of durum wheat based on isozyme and RAPD markers.Ye, K; Sun, M1995181
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