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Damage to macrophages by tert-butyl hydroperoxide and the protective action of hte protein bound polysaccharide krestinChen, Y; Zhou, M; Wan, JMF1997120
A database of chicken ESTs alignments with human and mouse full length cDNAsWang, Z; Wang, Y; Leung, FCC200693
Delimitation of Amaranthus cruentus L. and Amaranthus caudatus L. using micromorphology and AFLP analysis: An application in germplasm identificationCostea, M; Brenner, DM; Tardif, FJ; Tan, YF; Sun, M2006547
Deregulation of the Stress-Inducible GRP78 in Human Ovarian Cancer CellsWong, AST; Lee, AS; Wong, KY; Kwan, WY; Wong, ESY2006102
Description of a synteny on the chicken chromosome Zp23-22Wang, CY; Leung, FC200794
Detection and characterisationof transforming growth factor-beta in porcine colostrumXu, RJ; Doan, QC; Regester, GO199978
Detection and Characterization of Soluble Betaglycan in Porcine MilkCheung, HK; Mei, J; Wang, T; Xu, RJ2004107
Detection and characterization of transforming growth factor beta (TGF-?) and betaglycan in porcine and human milkCheung, Ho-ki.; 張可琪.2003316
Detection of a single nucleotide polymorphism in exon 10 of the chicken growth hormone receptor geneLau, JSL; Leung, FCC200181
Detection of betaglycan in porcine and human milkCheung, HK; Mei, J; Xu, RJ2002104
Determinants of macroinvertebrate community structure on stone surfaces in Hong Kong streamsShe, Shu-sheng.; 佘書生.1993206
Determination of chemical composition of commercial honey by near-infrared spectroscopyQiu, PY; Ding, HB; Tang, YK; Xu, RJ1999228
Determination of fat, MSNF and sucrose contents in commercial ice-cream by near infrared spectroscopyTang, YK; Ho, SWN; Xu, RJ1997130
Determination of moisture and fat contents in sausages by near infrared spectroscopyYeung, YH; Xu, RJ1995132
Determination of transforming growth factor-b1 and TGF-b2 in porcine colostrum and milkChan, SK; Xu, RJ2000105
Developing grain Amaranthus in China for industrial and food applications. In: C.W. Wrigley (ed.)Corke, H; Sun, M; Wu, H; Sun, H; Yue, S1997193
Development of a subunit vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease virusWong, Yim-ping.; 黃艷萍.1999264
Development of a subunit vaccine against infectious bursal disease virusYeung, Wing-shing.; 楊永成。.1999179
Development of digestive organs and humoral responses to feeding after birthXu, RJ; Mellor, DJ; Tungthanathanich, P; Reynolds, GW; Bassett, JM; Birtles, MJ; Simpson, HV199590
Development of edible vaccines against hog cholera virusChan, Wai-man; 陳渭雯2003294
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