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A radon chamber and its role in a radon surveyJia, Di.; 賈地.1992348
Age dependency of the radiological impact of the daya bay nuclear power station on the local populationLeung, Wing-mo.; 梁榮武1994208
Elemental and isotopic analysis of ancient Chinese glassLi, Feng; 李鋒1999357
Exposures to artificial sources of ionising radiation in Hong KongChan, Mok-wah.; 陳木華1989250
Investigations into the problems associated with the optical dating ofQuartzWestaway, Kira E.1997259
Radiation dose due to indoor radon and its progeny in Hong Kong and a study of mitigation methods to control indoor radon exposureHo, Chi-wai; 何志偉1998456
Radiation exposure due to radon and gamma rays in Hong KongLi, Chung-chuen.; 李仲泉1991374
Radiation hazards of building materialsNg, Chor-yi.; 吳楚儀1991401
Solar ultraviolet radiation: monitoring, dosimetry and protectionHo, Wing-kwok.; 何永國.1999234
Some aspects of optically stimulated luminescence for sediment datingShort, Michael Anthony.1993167
The determination of molybdenum in botanical samplesSu, Lee-ping; 許禮聘1974143
The radioisotope unit radon analysis laboratory and its application toradon mitigation studiesHung, Ling-chun.; 孔令臻.1999451
Thermal stability of luminescence signals relevant to datingWong, Wai-leung, Nelson.; 王韋良.1997430
Thermoluminescence dating of granitic quartzHan, Zhiyong.; 韓志勇1999208
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