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A feasibility study of a domestic airport-ferry link: a Delphi evaluationTsui, Chun-fai, Joseph.; 崔振輝.1994333
A legend in transportation development in Hong Kong: the tranwaysLee, Mei-fung, Amy.; 李美鳳.1994175
A study of an off-airport air-cargo terminal: the case of Hong KongMok, Chi-ming, Victor.; 莫志明.1994253
A study of evaluation methodology for passenger handling facilities insubway stationsLau, Chung-sum, Edmund.; 劉淞森.1994199
A study of the policy in air freight service provision for the future Chek Lap Kok AirportChi, King-lok, Steven.; 池敬樂.1994215
A study on service pricing and product differentiation in Hong Kong air cargo terminal service provisionFong, Sui-man, Chapman.; 方瑞文.1994250
An exploration of Hong Kong's container port position in Southern China in the next ten yearsWong, Yee-yung, Bernard.; 王宜勇.1994216
Conflictual representations: North American representations of war in the 20th centuryKay, Barbara J. Goodsell.1994198
Development container ports in China: a case study of ShanghaiLam, Sau-fung, Duncan.; 林秀峰.1994262
EDI and the law of contractWong, Chao-wai.; 王祖威.1994217
Forecasting the domestic patronage of the Kowloon-Canton railwayYuen, Lap-hang.; 元立行.1994181
Human aspects of container truck accidents: causes, effects and possible improvement measuresLeung, Sze-kwan.; 梁士琨.1994249
Means to control the traffic problems of the cross harbour tunnel: with focus on traffic management and tollpricingYeung, Min.; 楊勉.1996362
Organizational improvement in container freight transport: the Trans-Siberian railway from Asia to EuropeFung, Kwok-wah, Teddy.; 馮國華.1994218
Rail freight transport in transition in Hong Kong: perspectives of a transport operatorCho, Wai-kuen, Tania.; 曹慧娟.1994285
The stated preference technique for estimating the modal split inhome-work journey in the mid-levelsWoo, Kwong-ming, William.; 胡廣明.1994177
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