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A knowledge analysis model for knowledge engineering in the construction industryNg, Fung Fai.; 吳蓬輝1990389
A review of the subcontracting systems in the Hong Kong construction industryLai, Man-yi, Mandy.; 黎敏兒.1987656
A theory of joint venture partnership in property investment: with special application to the profitsharing arrangements for property development in Hong Kong and thePeople's Republic of ChinaWong, Kwok-chun.; 黃國俊.1992739
The Adoption of advanced technologies for Hong Kong construction industryFung, Kun-hou; 馮冠豪; University of Hong Kong2005806
Agglomeration or dispersal the spatial behavior of sex-oriented industry in Hong Kong /Li, Ka-yan; 李嘉欣; University of Hong Kong2005788
An assessment of strategies for the management of plastic bag wastes in Hong KongNg, Ting-leung, Gordon.; 吳庭亮.1994262
Analysis on the links between housing and respiratory health of residents in Hong KongKwok, Sau-man; 郭秀文; University of Hong Kong2005776
The applicability of the alternative workplace strategies in the real estate operations in Hong KongYip, Oi-yee, Debbie; 葉靄儀; University of Hong Kong2004782
The application of facilities management to hotel renovations in Hong KongKong, Chin-wai; 江展蔚; University of Hong Kong20041,112
Assessing the quality of property management of public rental housing between housing department and property management agentsHo, Yim-tung; 何琰桐; University of Hong Kong2004901
Building safety in Hong Kong uilding safety in Hong KongYung, Pui-i; 容佩儀; University of Hong Kong2006859
Bureaucracy and red tape ureaucracy and red tapeLam, Bing-chuen; 藍炳銓; University of Hong Kong2004754
Client's contributions to project safety performance a comparison between public and private construction projects /Ma, Yin-hung; 馬燕紅; University of Hong Kong2006686
Climbing scaffolding in Hong Kong's building constructionShum, Ying; 沈瀅; University of Hong Kong2005766
Cointegration between Hong Kong commerical real estate and property stocks pre- and post- 1997 evidence /Chen, Yiu-fai; 陳耀輝; University of Hong Kong2004895
Common careers, different experiences an investigation of women surveyors' under- representation in senior management levels /Tse, Ka-ki, Kit; 謝嘉琪; University of Hong Kong2004744
Competencies of project managers in Hong KongKwok, Chor-wo; 郭楚和; University of Hong Kong2004852
Competitive tendering in construction: a study of some theoretical bidding models and their application in thelocal construction industryMa, Ho-yin.; 馬浩然.19871,126
Comprehensive development area (CDA) zoning in Hong Kong a probit analysis of planning application statistics /Ng, Yick-hung, Christy; 吳奕紅; University of Hong Kong20061,729
Corruption in Hong Kong construction industryWong, King-sum; 黃景森; University of Hong Kong2004908
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