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B cells from SLE patients display accelerated apoptosis and reduced anti-apoptotic response to sIgM and CD40 ligationWu, AYY; Chan, A; Chik, SCC; Ren, Y; Lau, WCS2001167
b-Catenin mutation and overexpression in hepatocelluar carcinoma - clinicopathological and prognostic significanceWong, CM; Fan, ST; Ng, IOL2001101
The bacteriology and septic complication of patients with appendicitisLau, WY; TeohChan, CH; Fan, ST198461
Bacteriology of chronic suppurative otitis media: Ofloxacin susceptibilityYuen, APW; Chau, PY; Wei, WI199585
Balloon angioplasty of medium to large sized arteries in Hong Kong ChineseHo, DSW; Chen, WH; Ho, SL; Cheung, RTF; Cheng, SWK1997109
Balloon dilatation for postoperative vascular and biliary stenoses in pediatric liver transplantationChan, KL; Tso, WK; Fan, ST; Lo, CM; Wei, W; Chan, J; Tsoi, NS; Tam, PKH; Wong, J1998122
Balloon dilatation for postoperative vascular and biliary stenosis in paediatric liver transplantationChan, KL; Tso, HWK; Fan, ST; Lo, CM; Wei, WI; Tsoi, NS; Tam, PKH; Wong, J199786
Balloon dilatation for the postoperative biliary and vascular stenosis in paediatric liver transplantationTso, HWK; Chan, KL; Li, JHC; Fan, ST; Chan, FL199768
Barrett's esophagusLaw, SYK; Wong, J199993
Barrett's esophagus: cancer and molecular biologyGibson, MK; Dhaliwal, AS; Clemons, NJ; Philips, WA; Dvorak, K; Tong, DKH; Law, SYK; Pirchi, ED; Rasanen, J; Krasna, MJ; Parikh, K; Krishnadath, KK; Chen, Y; Griffiths, L; Colleypriest, BJ; Farrant, JM; Tosh, D; Das, KM; Bajpai, M201330
Basal cell carcinoma of the head and neck region (HNBCC): a 10 year experienceChow, VLY; Chan, YW; Chung, JHP; Wei, WI2010187
Basal cell carcinoma of the head and neck region in ethnic chineseChow, VLY; Chan, JYW; Chan, RCL; Chung, JHP; Wei, WI201165
Basic principles of transplantationsLo, CM199667
Basic technique - microsurgeryWei, WI200380
Basic techniques of microsurgeryWei, WI200169
Basic techniques of microsurgeryWei, WI200275
Bcl-2 expression of laryngeal carcinomaYuen, PW; Lam, KY; Choy, JTH; Ho, WK; Wei, WI200172
Becoming a PBL tutor - a personal experiencePatil, NG199965
Benign and malignant tumour in parapharyngeal spaceWei, WI200374
Benign nodular goitre presenting as acute airway obstructionAbraham, D; Singh, N; Lang, B; Chan, WF; Lo, CY200734
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