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A study in Hong Kong: how to develop effective NGO-corporate strategic partnership?Wong, Kuk-ching, Catherine.; 黃菊靜.2006255
A study of a football team with people with mental handicap with participation from corporate volunteersChow, Lok-ming, Dorothy.; 周樂明.2006194
A study of job burnout among social workers in NGO family services in Hong Kong: implications for managementLeung, Chi-kwong.; 梁志光.2009625
A study of job satisfaction and job involvement of assistant social work officers in the Social Welfare DepartmentYip, Wai-ling.; 葉渭玲.2003518
A study of job stress and burnout among social worker in primary schoolChan, Yuk-sim.; 陳玉嬋.2004654
A study of organizational effectiveness of medical social services under the new cluster management of the Hospital AuthorityLee, Cheuk-kiu, Johnson.; 李焯翹.2004238
A study of perceived organizational support and organizational commitment among social workers in Integrated Family Service CentresWong, Suk-ha; 黃淑霞2006350
A study of the impact of self-esteem program on schook dropouts in Hong KongChoi, Kam-fat.; 蔡錦發2003330
An examination of the relationship between stress and substance abuse in young people in Hong KongCheng, Wai-yip, Alfred.; 鄭偉業.2004415
An exploration study on job stress and job satisfaction among social workers in family services centres in Hong KongCheung, Kwok-mo, Vincent.; 張國武.2003441
An exploration study on the relationship between styles of coping, andphysical and mental well-being of social workers in medical socialservice units under the Social Welfare DepartmentLeung, Lok-lam, Lorraine.; 梁洛林.2006160
An exploratory study of partnerships between family services and children and youth services organizations in Hong KongWoo Lee, Kam-ling, Kathleen.; 李錦玲.2004262
An exploratory study of the importance of consumption emotion to olderpersons receiving comprehensive social security assistance in HongKongLi, Mable.; 李美寶.2009212
Motivation in corporate volunteering and factors affecting its sustainabilityChan, Wai-mun; 陳慧敏2010393
Risk management in a youth and community organization a study on risk of service users' injuryChan, Mei-kit, Maggie.; 陳美潔.2005179
Social workers' volunteerism in Hong Kong: dothey practise what they preach?Chan, Siu-bing, Kate.; 陳少冰.2004202
The concern about death and the coping strategies of teaching staff ina special schoolChoo-Kang, Pik Choi.; 曹碧彩.2004176
The construction and reconstruction of social workers' image: the case of Hong KongWong, Tze-mei.; 黃紫薇.2009233
The impact of managerialism in social work practiceChung, Yee-ping.; 鍾綺萍.2003622
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