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Yoga and master Thich Nhat Hanh's teachings: the practice of self-reflexive projects among forty individuals inlate modern Hong KongWalcher Davidson, Prisca Rossella Mina.201281
Young mother (in the) hood: Gang girls' negotiation of new identitiesMoloney, M; Hunt, GP; JoeLaidler, K; Mackenzie, K2011121
Youth gangs and drugs: The case of marijuanaMacKenzie, K; Hunt, G; JoeLaidler, K2005169
Youth gangs in Hong Kong: the convergence of conventions and deviationsLi, Ngai-ling.; 李藝靈.20051,445
Youth Rape In Hong Kong (in Chinese)Chu, YK; Choi, KF1999174
Youth subculture in Hong Kong: case studies of young deviantsWong, Ying-ching, Hilda.; 黃映貞.19891,717
Youth Suicides in Hong KongYip, PSF; Ho, TP; Hung, SF; Laidler, KA; Leung, PWL1998122
Youth triad-related subcultures: some case studiesWong, Shui-wai.; 黃瑞威.1992500
Youth Violence in Tin Shui Wai in Hong KongChu, YK2007426
「一個男同性戀者的故事」Kong, TSK2007312
全球城市及其轉變中的社會結構:以香港中產階級為例Lui, TL2011229
在倫敦與香港之間: 「麥理浩時代」的殖民性Lui, TL2011155
Kuah-Pearce, KE201068
核心價值: 香港社會指標研究的啟示Wong, TWP2006161
民國救世團體與中國救度宗教:歷史現象還是社會學類別?Palmer, DA201229
「現身」說教—反思香港、台灣及中國大陸的性∕別教學經驗Kam, YLL; Tang, TSD201292
生於1974: 香港流行文化的前世今生Ng, CH2009143
移民與家庭之間的折衝:1997焦慮的個人解決方式Kuah-Pearce, KE199789
蛻變中的香港文化政治Ma, KW; Ng, CH; Lui, TL2009158
階級分析與香港Wong, TWP; Lui, TL1998223
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